February 7, 2023

Melaka New Airport will be completed Dec 2008


Melaka new upgraded airport at Batu Berendam, Lapangan Terbang Batu Berendam (LTBB) is expected to be complete in December this year. If this happen the airport can be fully operation for International flight as early in January 2009. Now the existing airport at Batu Berendam only capable to receive only Fokker 50s type aircraft and cannot accept any bigger than that. Now work upgrading the lane is 60% complete and the specification are for Airbus and Boeing 737 to land on it.

Only Fokker for Now.

The State vision are to promote Health Tourism as last year more than 64,164 foreigner came to Melaka for Medical attention and mostly the traffic come from neighboring country Indonesia. They will arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) first than take a ride to Melaka or by Melaka – Dumai ferry. When the LTBB is completely operational, the number are expect to reach 140,000 a year. Melaka also have discuss with Air Asia to make LTBB as one of their destination.

Currently Merpati Nusantara Airlines operates 5 times a week for Melaka-Pekan Baru – Melaka destination, Riau Airlines 6 times a week for Melaka – Riau – Melaka route and Berjaya Air 2 times a week for Subang – Melaka – Padang route.

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Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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15 thoughts on “Melaka New Airport will be completed Dec 2008

  1. seriously looking fwd to the completion of the airport domestic & international flights. it will be great now that malacca (with penang) are listed as heritage cities.

    imagine if we can bring in the overseas tourists direct to malacca!

    and for the locals, we can look fwd to finally traveling direct from malacca to the world! 🙂

  2. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and I find it rather interesting, informative and up-to-date. In spite of your full time job and being a mum (Congratulations for being a mother second time around !) you still find time to promote Melaka to the world ! Keep up the good work ! As a die-hard Malaccan residing in Hong Kong, I find it very encouraging to see Melaka really is roaring towards 2010 whence it will acquire developed city state status ! Already two very important mile stones have been achieved viz: 1)UNESCO Heritage City(with Georgetown)site and 2) the completion of Melaka airport to be a regional hub for Low Cost Travel by Dec.2008. I am sure the folks at home will be very happy that they can in future fly directly to distant places right from their doorsteps so to speak and not having to go all the way to KLIA. As Melaka will be seeing more tourists coming, I think the next projects that the Melaka government should be seriously contemplating are : the bringing back of rail travel to the city and the building of wharves for cruise ships to dock. With these infrastructures in place then good old Melaka will be able to welcome visitors from everywhere arriving in any means of transport ! With our present CM and his staff doing a great job putting our bandar on the world map, I can envisage such projects coming to fruition in the near future if they put their heart to them ! With this high expection, I can only end by saying MELAKA BOLEH ! .

  3. I think the good work must give back to you doc because while you residing in Hong Kong, your heart is still at Melaka. After I setup this blog, I find many Malaccan outside Melaka still very keen to know the Melaka development, news and updates. Some of them also have own initiative to build blog or write a book about Melaka. With your writing style doc, I think you are ‘orang lama’ here in Melaka. Doc thanks for the idea.

  4. They say ” Once a Malaccan ,always a Malaccan”! This rings true for me although I’ve been away since 1969 ! However, I still make frequent trips back. These forays are mainly food related ! My fondness for Melaka might be due in part to the water I drank from the perigi at Bukit Cina when I was a young boy scout from Bandar Hilir English School on the way back to school after a hot day during “job week”. A fellow scout told me that there was free water to quench our thirst at that location ( back then there was no bottled water and we drank direct from the tap )! Legend has it that whosoever drink of the well will always return to Melaka ! So there you are : hati sudah kena tangkap already ! Cheers !

  5. Doc..you really drink from the well? The well has been poisoned 3 times in 17 century by Johore, Acheh and the Dutch you know hahaha. Hmm yeah Although Hong Kong are like Heaven in Asian Food and Delicacies you still miss the satay celup at Newton eh doc?. I think government should think about Malaccan who reside outside like you and give them incentive to promote Melaka lah. Cheer also!.

  6. Yes, I did indeed drink from the well located INSIDE the Chinese temple NOT the one outside where the tourists gather around … otherwise would not be possible to send you this email ! On the topic of food, I must say HK does offer plenty of varieties. If you are a foodie do contact me when you happen to be in this part of the earth !Will be happy to have you sample some of the local fares ! All said, I still love our Malaccan makanan ! Talking of satay celup, I was at the one at Jalan Ong Kim Wee last Saturday ( 23 Aug ). Somehow I tend to like the taste of the gravy there more than the others !Of course taste is one thing very subjective ! Sadly, I was in Malaysia for only two nights before having to fly back in time for work on Monday Still , I managed to gobble up as much of the delights as I could take in ! Will be back for more at a later date !

  7. congrate to melaka…………………and hope melaka will be a best in the wold’………………really hope so’………

  8. Dear Dr. Arthur P. Y. Mah, did you stay at 317-9, Banda Hilir Road in 1964? If so, I am Myat from Myanmar and I met your pen-friend from Myanmar. Please reply me if you are Arthur Mah. If you are not, I’m so sorry for disturbing.

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