February 7, 2023

Portuguese Settlement – A living Musuem

portuguese square

One of its kind in Malaysia, a reservation for about 1000 of Portuguese Eurasians. With 28 acres of area, the land integrate own school, a square, fishing village, restaurant and now they have a hotel too. Locals call the Portuguese Eurasians as ‘Serani’. In their language its Kristang (Christian). Historian named them Luso – Malays, descendants of Portuguese came during 15th century and after the conquest of Melaka, stayed here and married with local women same as the Peranakans.

Stage at the Square, many Portuguese Cultural performance will be done here.

The settlement opened in 1930 and in 1950 its received development from the government such as electricity and water supply. The act to to make a settlement for the Portuguese Descendant made by Fr Pierre Francois and Fr Alvaro Corado by convincing the government so they can moved here and preserved their heritage and make Melaka unique. Portuguese square completed in 1980s for tourist attraction to the Portuguese heritage by offerings their cuisine.

Portuguese Restaurant, Opens at Night. Fresh seafood available.
portuguese restaurant

In 2000, a mini museum was build in the settlement showing their art and culture exhibition.There are still few old folks here still speak creole language known as Papia Kristang, which use archaic Portuguese mixed with native words and expressions. Portuguese Settlement is only 3 kilometer from Melaka Town center and located at Ujong Pasir.

Souvenir shop at the settlement.

souvenir shop

Map to Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir

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Portugese Village


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5 thoughts on “Portuguese Settlement – A living Musuem

  1. Hello Asmaliana!

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was doing some Google-ing on Portuguese Settlement. I have visited Malacca and will be visiting again, but I’ve never been to this Portuguese Settlement before. Would love to visit the place when I’m there end of this month. But it would be great if I could find a local guide (Portuguese, perhaps) to bring me and my friends around for a tour and give us more explanation.

    I have my own travel blog, and I would love to share my journey there later…

  2. The Portuguese Settlement is not to big, you just go there and finished you sight seeing 1 to 2 hours. But if you insist you can call the Village Head Mr. Peter Gomez at 016-6111684.

  3. HI,
    I Have been visiting Melaka last February,and I met a man who’s name is Edgar OVEREE. He’s in charge of the little Portuguese Kampong Museum,and I would like to call him at this place,preferentialy by phone or mail.So, could you please make me a favor and try to get me his phone number,because since I have left Melaka it has had been impossible to find in the directory, any phone number,even the restaurants doesn’t answear me.
    Thank’s indeed for your help.
    Best Regards

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