February 7, 2023

Fiesta San Juang & San Pedro 2008

gate to settlement

Melaka the land of fiesta they say… this coming 23rd June till 29 June 2008 Portuguese here will celebrate their actual feast. An import made locally at the Portuguese Settlement. Fiesta you only can see at Melaka and not anywhere in Malaysia. Blend between West and Asian Heritage. So what is actually a Fiesta San Juang & San Pedro?

portuguese  dance

The celebrations culminate on June 29, the actual feast day of Saint Peter. In the evening, High Mass is celebrated in the Settlement church in honour of the Saint, the community’s devout Catholicism revealing its Portuguese roots. After Mass, the statue of the Saint is carried in a procession around the Settlement, when the priest blesses the fishing boats. The boats, specially decorated for the occasion, are adorned with sketches and paintings of New Testament scenes, Biblical figurines, nets full of catch from the sea and even little girls all in white dressed as ‘angels’. The blessing of the boats indicates the fishermen’s hope for a bountiful catch for the year ahead.

The week-long celebration of tradition and culture by the Portuguese community in the historical city opens with Festa San Juang (Feast of St John) on June 23, and is combined with the opening of Festa San Pedro on June 27.

The fiesta are packed with Portuguese Folks Dancing, singing kristang song (the Melaka Local Portuguese language),feasting and a fisherman boat decoration contest. This year Fiesta San Pedro official Ceremony will be accomplish by YB Dato Seri Azalina Othman (Tourism Minister) Said Jointly with Melaka CM and closing ceremony by YB Dato Shafie Apdal (Cultural & Art Minister). More info about the event:

Place : Portuguese Settlement
Time : 12pm to 12am.

At present, Fiesta San Pedro are not only for old folks preserving their culture, Fiesta San Pedero & San Juang are jammed pack with activities that can be enjoyed by public from all ages. Activities at this year fiesta are:

-Look alike singa alike karaoke contest
-Street Dancing
-Fishing Competition
-Boat Decoration Competition
-Shuffle & Modern Dance
-Face Painting Competition
-Fancy Dress Competition
-Live band and music machine

Details tentative can download here.

For more information about Fiesta San Juang & San Pedro 2008 Call:

Edward Kennedy : 012-6355080
Peter Gomez : 016-6111684
Micheal Banerji : 012-6831191
Patrick De Costa : 012-6801235


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5 thoughts on “Fiesta San Juang & San Pedro 2008

  1. the best melaka portuguese pickle was the one that i bought in the portuguese square when i was there for the festa san podro celebration its sharon;s homemade tradisional portuguese pickle’s u try it once u will want more

  2. Please write more and. with more research on the Historical Significance of the Feasts of St. John de Baptist and St. Peter as celebrated in Melaka at least for the last 60 years. The essence and the origins of this celebration is diminishing.
    I compliment the leaders for organising the various activities where all tourists and people of Malaysia can participate during the week-long celebrations at the Portuguese Settlement but they must also keep to tradition and elaborate on it.
    There are many Eurasians like myself who are still active in creating an awareness of the rich Eurasian or Neserani Culture and Heritage.

    GoMalaysia.net has advertised FESTA SAN JUANG incorrectly. This is BAD!!!

    Please contact me if you want to know more and the correct version of Festa San Juang. ( FEASTDAY OF ST. JOHN the BAPTIST )

  3. Hi Mdm,

    This is new info, will read your website thoroughly and maybe Mr. Peter Gomez have detail story about this fiesta if I met him at this year San Juang on 27…

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