February 7, 2023

Melaka Home Made Pickle

melaka pickle

Driving along Jalan Tanjung Keling, you will find many locals selling home made pickle at the roadside. Its like a small pickle industries. The pickle here are made traditionally with no add on food chemicals as I am been told. If you ever eat a pickle from Thailand and than taste this Melaka home made pickle, your tongue will tell the big difference. Pickle from Thailand taste more acidic and you will tend to cough a little bit when the pickle came to your throat. But with the Melaka home made pickle, the taste is only sugar or salt. The color of home Melaka home made pickle also not so attractive and shiny, just pale because no artificial coloring added.

Kampung Pengkalan Perigi at Tanjung Keling got lots of home made pickle for your choice. Mango are the famous fruit for pickle. Others are papaya and salak fruit (some kind of palm tree family in the swamp). Most mangoes here at Kampung Pengkalan Perigi are from neighboring village and planted by the locals. Melaka is famous for the Mango Delight. Mango Delight is small but the texture is hard, crunchy and sweet.Even green / young mango delight still taste sweet compare to other mango species that have a sour taste. If you want to find some home made pickle, don’t forget to drop by at Tanjung Kling and find Kampung Pengkalan Perigi.

The Hawker at Kampung Pengkalan Perigi with its stall loads with assorted pickle
manggo cart

Fresh Mango and Coconut also available for refreshing.
coconut an pickle

The barn for pickle processing just at the back of the Stall.

mango process

Map for Kampung Pengkalan Perigi, Tanjung Keling.

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