September 21, 2023

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Eye on Malaysia – Melaka

At last all the papers were completed and today 9th June 2008 the Ground Breaking Ceremony of Eye on Malaysia – Melaka by Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam Chief Minister of Melaka. Other VIP’s including Datuk Othman Muhamad – State Speaker, Datuk Omar Kasih – State Secretary, Datuk Zainal Husin – UPEN Director, Mr. Adam Young – CEO Eye on Malaysia Melaka. The event took place at Melaka River Mouth in front of the Melaka CIQ and Marina project.

Melaka State Government has appointed Datuk Zainal Husin as a Chairman of Eye on Malaysia Melaka with Mr. Adam Yong as a CEO. The project build on 4 acre state government land. The Ferris Wheel is 60 meter high and 400 tone in weight. With 42 gondola attached this ferris wheel move with its 21 wheel radial using Swiss-German technology. Visitors can see as far as 20 kilometers with the 12 minutes ride. Eye on Malaysia will have a value added that are laser beam and sound with its world largest water screen measuring 90 x 30 meter. Aerospace exhibition also will be available.

Cost for this Ferris wheel installation estimated at RM38.5 Million. Although it will not be the tallest in the world, it will expected to boost Melaka Tourism industry along with other new product like Taming Sari Tower, Water Mill and Melaka River Cruise.

CM Breaking the Ground!
cm breaking ground

Sticking the word Melaka..who’s at the camera tip? Austin Powers?
cm put new sign board

Testing the Gondola at the ground, look at me 6 month pregnant oledi..
testing the gondola

Floor Plan
floor plan

Artist Impression, look at the laser beam
artist impression


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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3 thoughts on “Ground Breaking Ceremony of Eye on Malaysia – Melaka

  1. 38.5m for a freaking ferris wheel? come on! yr ppl -or at least yr government- need a reality check somehow.. i mean.. look at yr public transport system. horrible. and how you gonna expect them -visitors- to come over that place? by taking a messy ride on those ‘historical’ buses which took em an hour long of waiting? get real!

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