June 5, 2023

International Menu @ Gazebo Melaka Restaurant

Yes, the Gazebo Melaka has just been launched by Melaka CM a week ago and now the menu are increasing. The gazebo have wide range of chicken rice Malay and Chinese style, soup for the soul- mutton+beef+bones+seafood,all sort of mamak’s bread from roti canai to murtabak,western grill, vegetables – asparagus,broccoli,shark fin’s – with crab juice,minced chicken,scallop and seafood,snacks & burger and the forget Gazebo Chef Specials menu.

The Gazebo Menu, many choices

menu at gazebo

Nowadays, a wifi enable restaurant are the chosen one not only for executives but surprisingly for the teens. We can say the teens are mostly the heavy Internet users rather than the executives with vast Internet social web application such as friendster, facebook and hi5. Yup Gazebo restaurant is wifi enable and got ample of power sockets too.

The interior of Gazebo are mostly outdoor themes, no barrier holds. With the intention to pull the soccer fans out there, 5 LCD tv plus one projection at the main stage will do. This upcoming Euro 2008 season sure will bring an extra income to Gazebo. The owner said there will be a live performance maybe for every weekends at the center stage.Performance include live bands or traditional music and if lucky maybe there will be a pop singer but don’t expect Siti Nurhaliza.

Gazebo can occupied about 200 customer at a time with 2 meeting room for 50pax, a roomy prayer room for muslim and a neat toilet for two. If you want to get more outdoor view and get the Melaka River Fresh air, gazebo also provide a sitting position at the hut with 1/4 dine table. The price are reasonable, the taste also reasonable..so guys have a try at Gazebo Melaka..opens 24 hours.

A Stage for Performance
gazebo center stage

The Center Gazebo

center gazebo

Gazebo cashier and the kopitiam syle table.
gazebo cashier


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