March 20, 2023

Bukit Batu Lebah ( Bee Hives Hill) – Selandar Jasin

Melaka is well known for its historical city. Tourism activity here mainly focus on history of Melaka, historic buildings, remains and Museum. State of Melaka which cover about 1,650 kilo meter of land dont have much of natural resources. For that Melaka economic growth are catalyzed from the service industry.

There are few spot of nature business here and one of them is Bukit Batu Lebah or Be Hives Hill. It is a small Forest reserved of Bukit Senggeh and Bukit Senggeh is a fraction from Range of Mount Titiwangsa. Located in Jasin District,16 kilometer from the main city and situated in a small town call Selandar. Well dont think about any dangerous wild animal or endangered species here, since the place is very near to a village.

Bukit Batu Lebah is about 500 to 600 meter from the sea level, famous for its wide range of big rocks formation. People called it Bee Hives Hill because once there are many bee hives along the caves and rocks. You can find rock similar to a snake head, ship and many small caves (actually a hole or oppening). Animal? Okay here you can find wild boar and monkey species like gibbons and loris. A nice place for daily activities like jungle trekking, orienteering or training camp, as the forest is not very thick and have a good track signage. Suitable as a starting ground before climbing high Mountain. Tourism Ministry allocated 7.7mil to upgrade thie facilities here including the Sungai Udang recreational forest and Linggi coastal mangrove forest.

Here is some info about my trip to Bukit Batu Lebah not long ago with tourism agencies and the district office.

Going to destination by vehicle, from main road to the village rubber plantation route

pajero to bukit batu lebah

A signboard by Forestry Department, the road to the camp side.
road to bukit batu lebah

Starting point to the hill top

start to hike

The Climb a ton is started.

Here are Few of the Rockin Pictures!



You Must past this this track

And this track
rock small

Arrive at the top of Bee Hives Hill

top 2

Arrive At the Top


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