September 21, 2023

The Malaysia – Singapore Story…

Bloggers Quachee (kuaci?) writing about does Singaporean Really Cares for Malaysian?. Ever heard of Malaysian talk about when Singaporean entering Malaysia through JayBee they will turn from most disciplined person in the world to vice versa? Alot of myth about Singaporean here and I get a few list :

1) They will drive very fast like there is no speed limit in PLUS Highway..
2) Traffic Summon is like a scrap for them..
3) Malaysia is like a dumping ground..
4) They buy big houses and bungalow here for their mistress..
5) They want to invaded Malaysia by slowly buy a land for business purposes..
6) They want to attack Malaysia
7) They are all spy..

But quachee’s blog tell a different side of opinion regarding the Typical ‘kiasu-ism’ of Singapore. Are Singaporean affected the Melaka tourism industry? In 2007, Singapore were the largest market. From the statistic, about 263,235 Singaporean comes to Melaka with average length of stay of 2 days. It contribute about 20% of GDP through service sector. What do you think?


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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4 thoughts on “The Malaysia – Singapore Story…

  1. Lol, I didnt know there were so much myth going around! haha

    Oh talking about Singapore-Malacca – maybe Ill write about that one soon. haha. Malaccans should be happy the Singaporeans are coming if they form such a huge crowd 🙂

  2. It is here since they very then…
    But what can we do?
    [Again, ignored our government / political issues]
    I hope those Singaporean here open up opportunities for us or work better with us.
    Together we can stabilize many.. many things.

    But if they don’t!
    If they abuse us, betray us and our land!

  3. Since when did we want to attack m’sia. omg! I wonder what’s on you guy’s mind…
    Brainwashed by mahathir?

  4. These myths are… myths. lol there are too many things to do than to spy and attack msia. i’m not so into politic issues but i think it’s silly if we would ever attack msia. dont get brainwash~~ don’t hate your neighbours~

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