September 21, 2023

Herbs Museum & Spices Paradise (Nasuha)

Ever heard of a herbal paradise? Nasuha Herbs & Spices Paradise is not to be missed. The place is not located in Melaka but at nearby state Johore. Johore is Melaka neighboring state and Nasuha is situated at Pagoh Muar Johore. About 45minutes drive from Melaka Town. The easiest route is PLUS Highway and take Pagoh Exit. From the exit, the farm is just about 2 kilometer away.

Along The Road Look For this Main Gate:
nasuha gate

The long journey sure will make your stomach growl. Look for this place after the main gate. Herbal dining awaits.

herbal restaurant

Because we arrive early in the morning, the menu is herbal ‘garcinia’ tea and herbal currypuff!. Iam not bluffing, the currypuff are really stuff with herbal thingy.
Herbal Tea
Herbal Currypuff

Restaurant Decoration With Wooden Theme and the floor are full with pebbles that can massage your foot. Herbal aromatherapy surrounds the air in the restaurant.
nasuha restaurant decor

The most interesting part about the restaurant is all the food are prepared in house. No cold storage chicken or wrapped vegetables. Vegetables are plant within the farm. They also have livestock in house such as cattle, chicken and goats. Spices for the restaurant are also prepared internally. Actually Nasuha also produce spice and herb for consumer use under Mak Siti & CT Herbs Spices Brands.

This 1500hectar Herbs & Spices Farm, the largest in Asia will sure fascinated you. The farm located about 750m above sea level will mesmerize you with the unique smell of the allspice, cinnamon dan eucalyptus tree planted there. IF you have a migrain or common flu, walk into the Herbal farm and you will notice a sign of recovery.

Apart from the herbal remedy, the Chalet, Therapeutic Health Spa and Nasuha Cottage are all unique with its own Nasuha Identity. Even the cabin log can cure you!. There are lot to tell about this Herbal Paradise. A seminar packages here will sure make a difference. For more info, picture rates and package please browse here.


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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13 thoughts on “Herbs Museum & Spices Paradise (Nasuha)

  1. Mr. Yeo i’m not related or affiliate with Nasuha Herbal, I just happen to go there as tourist too. You can cal them at 06-9737 231 for reservation. thanks

  2. Assalamu alaikum pak haji.. masih ingat sama saya . orang yg kerja nya sembur rumput di kebun pepaya dekat kebun manggis pak haji.. bagaimana pak haji kabar nya sehat… ?

  3. nasuha is the best. i had a class trip there and got chance to meet tn hj nasuha, the owner of the company. he really a good and motivated man. pray for their success. =)

  4. Hey i have wondered how much you would bill to set your blog theme up on my web log for me, because i truly like the look of your blog but i don’t know how to build such a hot graphic.

  5. may i have a herb paradise price list….i wanna to do all package price and contact number….
    thanks a lot….^^

  6. Asmalina, thank you very much for promoting our herbsparadise. Pls do visit us, I’ll buy u Nasi Beriyani Herba &
    herbs tea….


  7. salam..saya baru brcadang hendak ke pagoh..
    melawat nasuha sdg mncari homestay yg berdkatan di pagoh…jika ada cdngn tolong kemukakn…

  8. assalamualaikum…..saya ingin bertanya adakah nasuha herb juga membekal herba seperti cengkih?

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