March 20, 2023

Raptor Watch Week @ Tanjung Tuan 14-16 March 2008


It’s a Bird! Hows weird is that? Ok birdie, this is your month. Come and join the crowd watching birds in serene and tranquil surrounding. Welcome to the Peninsular Malaysia last remaining coastal forest on the west coast. You can walk through the mangrove and have a bird view. What kind of bird?

Well its a Raptor. The raptors are migrating back to the north after wintering in Indonesia. Tanjung Tuan is a strategic location for us to see large number of Raptor across the sky. The Raptor are crossing the Straits of Melaka and by the time they arrive at Tanjung Tuan, they will fly very low and give us a very good view.

If lucky enough you will experience large number of raptor raining from the sky!. Come and visit Tanjung Tuan from 14 to 16 March to witness the natures event. For more info about the bird type and accommodation please visit here. This event organize by Malaysian Nature Society in partnership with the Malacca State Government.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Tanjung Tuan is located near the State of Negeri Sembilan and here located the Cape Rachado lighthouse. A lighthouse that was build in 16 century by the Portuguese. Famous naval Battle of Cape Rachado in 1606, once happen here between Dutch VOC and Portuguese fleets.

So guys beware for the ‘bomb’ from the sky.

Tanjung Tuan Satellite View

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