January 27, 2023

Saujana Asahan – At the foot of Mount Ophir

saujana asahan gate

Melaka only have one Mountain and it is the legendary Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir). Old folk tales stated that Mount Ophir is the place for a Beautiful Fairy Princess. The princess has a magical power that can turn her to any form of human. Example if you run into an old grand mother maybe that grandma is the princess.

Gunung Ledang shared by two state,at the border of Melaka and Johor. In Melaka the place is call Asahan Village and Johor is Sagil Village. Asahan is a remote area and surrounded with thick Jungle. Asahan is one of the reservoir for the Melaka state and the reservoir also used for recreation purpose.

In 2004, Government has launched Saujana Asahan, a training center for motivational program and seminars. The center can be used by government agencies, corporate, organizations and individual. Its strategic location at the foot of Gunung Ledang and far from the city make it the best spot for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Activities available are:
– All high rope courses (flying fox,abseiling,repeiling,climbing)
– All Obstacle Courses (vault,graduated balance walk,swinging board,net climb,crawl,monkey rack,ladder,tripple wall,climb & slide)

Kayaking at the reservoir lake also available with all choice of kayak,raft and boat. Jungle tracking, Mount Ledang Climbing ( 1276m) can be done with help from the park rangers. The accommodation here are:

– 72 standard rooms,
– 8 Dorms
– 10 Chalet

Full capacity is 212 people at on time. The rates ranging from RM80 to RM15. For more info please contact :

Saujana Asahan, Jalan Kolam Air,
77100 Asahan Melaka.
Tel: 065235048
Fax: 065235086

Saujana Asahan Rooms & Challet
saujana asahan challet

Saujana Asahan Dormitory
saujana asahan dormitory


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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46 thoughts on “Saujana Asahan – At the foot of Mount Ophir

  1. Hi! I am organizing a hiking trip to Gg. Ledang which will consist of about 30 people and we prefer to camp instead
    of putting up a night at a resort. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Okay, if you want to hike then you must camp. I prefer you and your group to start from Sagil. Sagil Resort. Only 4 to 5 hours then you can arrive at the top. Only 1200meter only. But we authority forbid to camp at the Gunung Ledang summit for security reason. From the PLUS highway take Tangkak exit and headed to Segamat road. Then you will arrive at Sagil at Estate at your left take gate 2. From there you will have to go to the Ranger Station for the climbing arrangement such as licenses,garbage deposit and maps.

  3. Hi~ I live in Taiwan. I plan to visit Gg. Ledang on 20SEp with my friends.
    I can’t find the detail infornmation about Gg. Ledang. We play stay one night in Saujana Asahan.
    .We will visit Asahan Village. After that we plan spend one night in Gg.Ledang. We are no car.
    Does Saujana Asahan can offer those two days ond night package of Gg. Ledang?
    Or maybe you can give us some recommendations??
    In fact,traffic is a problem for us. It seems no public transfer to Gg. Ledang.
    Hope you can give me some advices~~ Tks a lot.

  4. First thing when you arrived at Melaka find Tourism Malaysia office or tourism information centre. We have one at Melaka sentral where your bus will stop when arrived at Melaka. Get from them any free maps or brochures. They can help you to arrange booking and others. If you plan to start from Asahan, from Melaka sentral take a bus and the bus must go to Jasin. Journey to Jasin by bus about 45 to 1 hour. Tickets about RM2.50 per person. From Jasin take a Cab and ask them to Saujana Asahan. Take the cab phone number then you can call the cab again to pick you up when you are done at Gunung Ledang. Other option is you rent a car.

    I think staff at Saujana Asahan will arrange your trip to Mount Ledang as police report and other procedure since September will be a rainy a bit in Malaysia. I dont know its okay or not to camp at the peak.

  5. Thank you for your quick reply!But I still have one question.
    1.If we take Cab from Jasin to Saujana Asahan, how far is it?
    2.It seems will be a rainy in September,Is that possible we go to Gg. Ledang. go and return
    in one day without stay in Gg. Ledang. resort? What will you suggestion to us?
    How many days do you usually visit to Gg. Ledang. in Malaka?
    Tks again!

  6. Gattuso,

    Cab from Jasin to asahan will take approx 25kilometer. When you want to start climbing, the guide will tell you when the suitable time to climb. I think when its raining heavily you will wait then start climbing. If the day is clear and weather is good you can climb and return back in one day. If not there will be a certain check point you can camp. 2 day is enough for Gunung Ledang as the mountain is famous for beginner before trying other challenging mountain like Gunung Tahan at Pahang.

  7. hi. how do i get from Gunung Ledang REsort to melaka? Is there a direct bus at Melaka? Also, can you advise what are the must-see places in melaka?

  8. Naimei,if we talk about going to Melaka by a bus from Gunung Ledang Revest at least 3 bus to take you will end up at Melaka Sentral. If you a lucky it will be 2 bus. Example from Gunung Ledang Resort Johor to Tangkak and Tangkak strait to Melaka.

    If I want to talk about must see places in Melaka it will be many, I advise to start at Banda Hilir first. In Banda Hilir only you can’t finish in one day. Banda Hilir had all the big museum and historical ruins and it’s in UNESCO World historic city!.

  9. Hi. Thanks so much for your prompt advise and reply. It takes so long from Gunung Ledang Resort to Melaka? Is it that we can easily get bus tickets over there? My friend told me Mount Ophir is very near to Melaka, and takes only one hour! ha..

  10. It takes only one hour if everything is just ok for that day and god love you. In the middle of half jungle and hale palm oil estate you can’t aspect a class public transport about 10 minute at a time. Imagine you miss a bus and mustwait another bus for an hour later. Surely you will miss that one hour and arrive at Melaka 2 hours later —-> If you can get a bus straight to Melaka non stop. The bus will frequently stop along the road to pick up passenger…

  11. hi.. so we can take a bus easily from the resort without having to book in advance? would there be a taxi so we can take the taxi to melaka?

  12. I heard that gunung ledang is now closed again to climbers who want to climb to the summit. Is this true? Is there any way to contact the local guides to check with them on this?


  13. Hi Sanjay,

    Never heard about that, maybe except for heavy monsoon season when the summit to dangerous to climb – strong wind and heavy downpour. Will try to talk with some of my Friends there at Taman Negara to find out…

  14. I’d like to hike on the weekend from Asahan, only for a two days trip.. How can i request for a guide? Who should I call?

  15. Salam.

    My kids (3 of them) went for a school expedition last weekend in Saujana Asahan. They enjoy it very much. However, returning home, they developed rashes (gatal-gatal) all over their body and it is not the typical “gegata”. Most of their friends and teachers got it too. My question is any idea of what that could be (ulat bulu? semut? tumbuhan likes kayu rengas?) or any of u experience this before? I have tried few medications with very little improvement.

    Thank you

    Dr Hanita

  16. Hi Doc,

    I really not an expert on this, but in my experience in the area with bushes like that
    i think it is the plant. I will get rashes all over my body if past over certain plant. But some of my brothers don’t. Same blood but different hehe. Usually my rashes will be ok in 24 hours…

  17. How long will it take to drive from Saujana Asahan to:-
    1. Jasin Town
    2. Melaka Historical Town
    Thank you.

  18. hye.. i plan to take my students (ipt) to have their survey camp at saujana asahan. where can i get details information about the place? tq..

  19. Hello Wani,

    All the information at the post is still valid. Now they have already built new facilities. Just call the number and they will happily fax you the details and quotation. Since this place is for National Athlete, You have to check first for the availability. They will give priority to athlete when the date clash. But this place is open to public..thx

  20. hi, this July me and my colleague want to organize a family day for my company. i would like to know the rate of chalet and Dormitory for 1 night. and also is there any accommodation for barbecue? our activity for this event only “sukaneka” family, barbecue and picnic. is the place suitable for our activity? and how far the air terjun from the chalet and dormitory? is July suitable for us to have the event at that place? Please give us the quotation. Thank You

  21. Mazlina, the dormitory is not more than RM20 per night and the chalet is about RM100 per night. Please call them directly for Booking Mazlina as it is a facility for athletes. So they will take priority for athletes training first(Majlis Sukan Negara).

  22. Our company plan to have gathering with full activities and most of VIP of company will attend this programme. Is this place suitable, how about the rate for 4days 3 night. Total pax estimated around 150. Date on 17th to 20th Oct. 09. and food…is there any menu suitable for japanise. pls give more details..tq.

  23. Hey, my friends and I are planning a trip to Malacca & Gunung Ledang, which includes Malacca, climbing, the National Park, and the Pureri Waterfall (located in Gunung Ledang Resort). 3D2N, we plan to drive from Singapore to Malacca first and stay there for the first night, then 2nd day we plan to climb the Mr. Ophir.

    Could you kindly advise how to arrange this trip, in order to make good use of time and route?

    Many thanks.

  24. Climbing the Mountain alone and other activities there will take about 2d1n. So Just one day at Malacca for you. So I think just stroll along at Banda Hilir Area that will make your one day full and eating Satay Celup!.

  25. Hi, our group plans to drive from Singapore to Sagil Village which is another trail going to Mount Ophir. We will descend by evening time and have plans to proceed to Malacca Jonkers street to stay for a nite. We would like to find out the way to drive from Sagil Village to Malacca Jonkers street and how long will the journey be. Kindly advise. Appreciated greatly!

  26. From Sagil Village to Melaka Jonker Street is about 1 hour drive. IF you all are not confidence to try the local route, from Sagil Village just proceed to Tangkak and after that fid Sign board to Plus Highway. From Plus Highway enter the Ayer Keroh Exit and go straight to Bandar Melaka. When You Arrived at Bandar Melaka everything is very clear!

  27. i want book saujana asahan room , i have 10person only ,can give me know the rate :

    1) Chalet 1 room how much ? and can live how much person ?

    2)Flying Fox & Abseiling Package how much for 1 person ?

    3) Jungle Tracking how much for 1 person ?

  28. Mr. Tai, you got to confirm with them directly because I have no affiliation with them. The place always full with athlete and team building program. So call and ask first the date…

  29. hai asmalina..

    i want to conduct a team building at saujana asahan melaka…
    where can i get the layout plan of the place???
    if i have the layout plan it will be more easier 4 us to plan our activities because one of our activities is explorace….hope u can help me…thanx..

  30. I don’t have it. You call them directly and the they will fax it for you, but Saujana Asahan give priority to their athlete first then outsider…

  31. I am organising a team-building/group meeting and is interested in your resort. We have about 30 pax and proposed to stay from 8-9 October. Please provide further information (pricing, facilities, rooming etc).

    Thank you.

  32. 1) Is it true that Gng Ledang is closed again since 8th Oct? Any idea why and when it will be open to the public again?

    2) Heard that at Air Panas, the hiking permit & camping permit are run by different organisations. I’ve taken the hiking permit before (at the kiosk next to the resort) but I was told that we had to take the camping (overnite) permit from Taman Negara. I didnt take this permit when I was there & they didnt show me exactly where is it. Where is this Taman Negara kiosk that we can get the permit from, if we want to go up by the Air Panas/GL Resort way & camp overnite? Tks.

  33. I m bringing 36 student to stadium hang jepat in Feb’11 for game, can you advise me is your place near there, we have tight budget

  34. Hi Angela, try Permasuri Hotel Stadium Hang Jebat, just beside the stadium contact:
    Lot 5013 & 5014, Kompleks Sukan Hang Jebat,
    76450 Paya Rumput, Melaka.
    Tel:606 336 2881
    Fax:606 337 2881

  35. Hi asmalina.I’m not really planning to do an activity in Saujana Asaha, but my friend will be there and I need to pick her up. How do I reach Saujana Asahan from A’Famosa resort (where I will be staying)? can u tell me the fastest route and the safest route? How long will it takes? sorry if this question’s silly, I don’t know where else should I ask. Thanx so much!

  36. hai.asmalina..sy arman dr SGTT Travel &Tour.kami company br.so mcm mana nak dptkan rate.sy call sana x pernah pick up.

  37. Hi Yann,
    Untuk perkhemahan di Air Terjun Asahan, kami mempunyai Saujana Asahan yang mempunyai pelbagai kemudahan perkhemahan dan outdoor activities.
    Sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi En. Nizam, Pengurus Saujana Asahan di talian 016-6009904 atau 06-5235849. Terima kasih

  38. Hi,

    Would you please help to see if the following map for
    Tangkak Bus Station
    is still correct?

    Is there any express bus from there to Larkin Terminal? If there is, do I need to book before hand? Is there any online booking? Would you please find out for me what is the departing time on Aug 8 afternoon.

    Thanks alot.

    May You and All Your Loved Ones be Well and Happy!



  39. Hello Mr Chow,

    As I’m Melaka born, Tangkak is quite familiar place for me. As Tangkak is a small town, the bus station is also small and cater the public transportation for surrounding district. So usually we buy Express Ticket to Muar and Muar to Johor Bahru. Muar got bigger bus station and you can buy tickets nationwide.

    You can try http://www.cepatexpress.com.my

    The have online trip checking and you can also call the for reservation…

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