January 27, 2023

Experience Melaka River Cruise….

melaka river cruise
Nice boat…picture taken at Melaka River Festival 2007.

An interesting and unique tour which visitors must not miss while you are in Melaka is the Melaka River Cruise. Come and cruise up the historical Melaka River from the ‘Taman Rempah’ near the Jalan Mata Kucing and will be surprised by what you will see and smell along this unique river. Due to the tidal tide conditions, the river boat will only operate when there is high tide. So visitors interested to take this cruise are recommended to check up first on the operating times. Also, the river cruise will only operate with a minimum 8 persons per voyage.

melaka river cruise2
Melaka River Cruise Jetty…

The river boat will cruise up the shallow Melaka River from her river mouth to Jeti Melaka where the boat makes her return trip. The distance is about 9 km from the jetty and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. A tour guide will highlight interesting things to you. Interestingly, the Melaka River once was dubbed as “Venice of The East” and today, this Melaka River become the new attraction in Melaka. Come to Melaka and take your cruise now. You will enjoy the panorama of Melaka River. Believe it, your holiday in historical Melaka won’t be complete without the Melaka River Cruise.

melaka river cruise3
The fascinated panorama of “Venice of the East”…

Ticket: (Ticket sold on board)
Adult : RM 10
Children : RM 5

For more information, please contact:
Melaka River & Coastal Development Corporation,
Level 9, Graha Maju,
Jalan Graha Maju, 75300 Melaka.
No. Tel : +606 281 4322 / 23
No. Fax : +606 281 4325


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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6 thoughts on “Experience Melaka River Cruise….

  1. Dear writer,

    Warmest greeting from me Diana,

    As for your infomation i would like to inform that Melaka River Cruise already increase our price for adult RM 10 and children RM 5 since Jan 2009. Hope that you will change in your website as we always received call mentioning bout old price, a bit difficult us to explain to our customer. If you had any enquiries please do not hesitate to call me DIana at 06 281 4323/22 thanks


  2. Make an international boat events yearly..get international participation..Monsoon Cup could do it..why not Melaka River..dont forget the locals too..

  3. oh yeah..before i forgot..the river needs a good and impressive boat deck or river deck..i.e. multi color thats blends the environment and also suits the safety too..

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