January 27, 2023

Villa Sentosa

Villa Sentosa
Villa Sentosa is not officially a museum though it is opened to the public and they can have a look around this 1920’s kampung (village) house. Villa Sentosa is in Kampung Morten, just across the river from the Rennaisance Hotel. The old family still lives there and one of its members will gladly show visitors around inside. It does not have many items of interest but it does have some heirlooms passed down by its patriarch, Tuan Hashim Hadi Abdul Ghani, who died at the ripe old age of 98.

Villa Sentosa cannot lay claim to a colourful past but it does give curious visitors a chance to wander freely in a typical village house and to talk to the family members. Although there is no fee imposed, visitors are expected to make a contribution to the family after being shown around. You may visit Villa Sentosa daily from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and after lunch from 2 until 5 in the evening. It is closed on Friday mornings but will be opened in the afternoon. This is the place that you can see the Malay House with their uniques culture. Don’t forget to hit the “magical gong” when you come here and all you wish will come true.

For more details, please contact :

En. Rahim / Villa Sentosa:
Tel No. : +606 282 3988

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