June 5, 2023

Independance Night Celebration At Melaka – MERDEKA!!!

CM at Ambang Merdeka
With friends at Memorial

Today, only once a life we are celebrating our 50th years Merdeka Celebration. As a Malaysian, I’m so proud and happy because this is the 50th years of golden celebration. For me, Merdeka is so meaningful. I think as a Malaysian, we should be proud of ourself because Malaysia is the most lovely country in the world. The only Asian country with the multi racial people live in harmony and peace. Besides that, we are rich with our culture and heritage.That’s why… Malaysia known as Malaysia Truly Asia.

What is the meaning of Merdeka? To our elders who fought with tears and blood,it is the most precious gift-to be free from their colonial masters and be able to live as a free people of the world!!! On the other hand, it is only a holiday with some festivals to our kids or young people. I think, our youngsters did not really understand about merdeka. They are quite blurred or fuzzy to most people who were born after Merdeka. Now, all of us are citizens of an independent nation. What does it means to you personally? I bet everyone has his/her own answer. What ever it is, I think everyone agrees that it is a very precious asset that we must protect at all cost, even with own life! Just like water (not equal but similar), it is the most precious of all commodities when you don’t have it. Personally, I consider myself to be lucky to live in this era as compared to those who had to live under our previous colonial masters – Portuguese, Bristish, Japanese, Bintang Tiga and the Siamese (for northern states). Not only we are free from war but we also need to be free in mind. That’s the truly merdeka. We must appreciate that. Remember, Malaysia will develop towards the Wawasan 2020. This is our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahadhir Mohamad vision. Now, our lovely Prime Minister Pak Lah will continue the mission and I think in year 2020, Malaysia will know as the most develop country and I’m sure this is coming true.

30th August 2007, last night, my hubby, my friends and I…also all the Melaka people are celebrating our “Ambang Merdeka” at MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Same like the other state in Malaysia…By 12 o’clock midnight, we are shouting Merdeka… Merdeka… Merdeka!!!! Followed with sing a song Negaraku, Jalur Gemilang and Malaysia Gemilang. We sang that song with so proud…I still remember when Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj announced that magical words…Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! It’s like you are free on that time. Wahhhh….I’m free..I can felt what they are felt on that time too..Thanks to Allah for this gift and for the most precious memories at all…After that…the cloud were lit up by the sequence of fireworks performance to celebrate Malaysia’s 50th year of Nationhood. This is the magical experience that I never forget. Tomorrow, Melaka also will be organizing the Merdeka Parade at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. You can see the colourful and glittering costum during that parade. Jalur gemilang also mount to wave along the street. This is the way to show our national celebration to the foreigners. But are we really free?

with abang at memorial


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