February 7, 2023

Hotel Sri Impian Jasin Melaka Have Youth Tourism Package

Melaka have 3 main district that is Melaka Tengah, Jasin and Alor Gajah. Jasin is the bigger district and the land is mainly used for agriculture and Palm Estate. All district in Melaka are along the selat Melaka but in Jasin there are no sandy beaches. Not suitable for swimming because of the muddy bank. But it is famous for the grilled fish. We can enjoy fresh fish from fisherman nearby at Umbai Grilled Fish Florating Restaurant.

Hotel Sri Impian which is located in the town of Jasin Melaka, is known to be one of the first hotel that is popular with agro based tourism, traditional Malay Village and nature tourism. Hotel Sri Impian offer a Youth Tourism Package. Suitable for nature and people who love traditional malay village. Here is the package:

Youth Tourism Package:
From RM250.00 nett per person (Call First For Updates).
(Package for 3 days 2 night. Minimum 2 person)

Hotel Sri Impian
Package is inclusive of:
– Accommodation
– Welcome drink
– Buffet breakfast
– Buffet lunch
– Buffet dinner
– Jungle trekking Gunung Ledang
– Visit Malay village – Anjung Bonda, Jasin
– Playing traditional Kampung game
– Visit historical sites in District of Jasin – Muzium Jasin, Anjung Bonda, Rumah Traditional Melayu Rim


Sri Impian Hotel
JA 8266 Ground Floor, Bandar Baru Jasin,
77000 Jasin, Melaka
Tel : +60 6 529 6666
Fax : + 60 6 529 6681
Email : sri_impian_hotel@yahoo.com
• 58 Rooms • Banquet Hall
• Conference Rooms • Coffee House
• Business Center • IDD
• Laundry Service
From RM88 – RM140


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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12 thoughts on “Hotel Sri Impian Jasin Melaka Have Youth Tourism Package

  1. Greets,

    Recently I had a bad experience with this hotel and its will totally reflect the Tourism Industry in Melaka if its keeps on repeating. Even an audit team from KKM who stayed in this hotel a year ago also cut short their stay as they were not satisfied with the service provided by this hotel.

    Promoting bad hotel will reflect the sincerity of your blog even as tourist regular visitor are depending on your review recommendation as their guidance.

    Its true … its true …

    Thank you.

    * you may not want to approve this post but please take consideration for the sake of our local tourism image.

  2. Well, Jasin is such a small town with not much development compared to Melaka Town. Before the Sri Impian, there was no Hotel in Jasin. This hotel is not even have a Star Rating. You should know where is Jasin and you can expect early about the hotel before checking in. Of course the Hi Rank people will not fit in this kind of hotel. Now the hotel is one and the only hotel in Jasin town. Its play a major role on the town activities and the community there. It just an adequate accommodation for people outside that want to visit their families in the village area around or their children at boarding schools around. The locals also can used their banquet hall for their community organization meeting like the belia and so on. The owner is local, if you don’t satisfied why not just give him a suggestion. Depending on the occupancy rate. Maybe he will upgrade the service in the future…..

  3. Thank you for your input and approval towards my comment.

    Well, yes. I tend to agree that the hotel is not having a Star Rating. Nevertheless, the room price is ain’t cheap either. I stayed there with a room price @ RM118.00 (with RM10 being charged for requesting additional pillows which I don’t think is a right practice)

    And you are also right about Hotel Sri Impian is the only hotel in Jasin, so I guess there’s no competitor for her even. I wish the hotel the very best but as for myself, I will definitely won’t return to the hotel again.

    Thank you.

  4. bestt woo hotel kat jasin nie..
    the only 1 in jasin..
    dulu aku pnah kje kat sini..
    lame gak..
    wndu kot kat sri impian..
    tp aku tgk now nie sume da baru..
    management pon da baru…

  5. Hi,

    Do you have the location map to this hotel? Looks like search engine doesn’t work on that address ;(

    Hopefully you can help on this.


  6. Hi Sharon,

    It’s easy to find the hotel because it is located in the center of Jasin town in the same area of Jasin Town Bus Station. Find Go to the Bandar Jasin and since it’s a very small town, you should find the Bas Station Directly. Before you arrive at the Bus Station you will notice the hotel first …thx

  7. nak tanya, saya nak wat tempahan dewan hotel..boleh contact saya untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut lagi..

  8. Saya bermalam di hotel ini untuk semalaman. Pengalaman sangat kecewa kerana spring katil dah rosak buatkan belakang saya sakit untuk tidur. Saya dan pasangan terpaksa tidur di lantai. Malahan, tekanan air pancur mandi perlahan dan buatkan proses nak mandi lambat. Selain itu, kenapa ada cas kota bersejarah di sini, padahal saya datang untuk kursus bukan untuk lawatan sejarah.

    For any tourist that want to come to Jasin i will not recommend this hotel. You would have a bad experience during stay.

    Thank you and wouldnt come again here. ????????

  9. Salam Hormat tuan,
    Bagi pihak Kerajaan Negeri Melaka saya memohon maaf di atas masalah yang dihadapi di Hotel Sri Impian, Jasin, Melaka.
    Pihak kami akan memantau mengenai perkara ini dan akan memohon pihak hotel menambahbaik fasiliti di hotel tersebut.
    Untuk Caj Warisan, memang dikenakan kepada semua premis penginapan pelancong di Negeri Melaka. Ia dikenakan untuk semua hotel
    di Melaka yang berlesen. Harap pihak tuan maklum dengan perkara ini.
    Mohon agar pihak tuan dapat mengadakan lawatan lagi ke Negeri Melaka. Terima kasih.

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