February 7, 2023

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Visit years mostly popular among the national tourism board. Many country promoting their own visit years. This visit year concept firstly implemented by Thailand in year 1987. They doing well in their campaign to promote Thailand. The amazing success of Visit Thailand Year, permanently placed Thailand on the international tourist map. The total tourist arrivals in Thailand increased 23% with total revenues (1987 – 1989) about US$230 millions compare to the previous year.

Malaysia also organised two times visit year campaign before, previously in year 1990 and 1994. Our first Visit Malaysia Year campaign (1990) was a huge success. Malaysia achieved 7.4 millions tourist arrivals in year 1990 from 4.8 millions tourist arrivals. The growth was about 56%. 2007, also the Visit Malaysia Year with tagline Malaysia, Welcomes The World. Malaysia wants to know as a tourism country with first class service quality, friendly, hospitable Malaysians and a professional frontliners.
The objectives of this campaign are :

* To promote Malaysia more aggressively in the international markets.
* To increase number of tourist arrivals.
* To encourage tourists to stay longer and spend more.
* To showcase Malaysiaโ€™s unique attractions and diversity.
* To raise local awareness and appreciation of Malaysiaโ€™s tourism attractions to stimulate domestic tourism.

Years Country
1987 Visit Thailand Year
1988 Visit Fiesta Island (Philippines)
1991 Visit India Year
Visit Indonesia Year
1994 Visit Korea Year
Visit Myanmar Year
1997 Visit China Year
2003 Visit Philippines Year
Visit ASEAN Year
2004 Visit Taiwan Year
2007 Visit Malaysia Year

Visit Year2
Visit Year3


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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