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Dinner at River Cruise: Semua orang memang dah tau tentang Sungai Melaka dengan botnye atau River
Popular Inhabitant of Melaka river…: The monitor lizard or water monitor is a common view at Melaka
Room by the River: This bar picture is not at Portugal but at Melaka Rio… Just
Melaka Sultanate Ship will be bring back to life…: Artist impression about the ship, source melakahariini. Now Melaka have Flor De
Lanterns Plus The Historical River – An Art: Enter the Dragon… Garden of Lantern-ship… Chinese New Year will be next
A day with Mr. Bernard..: Mr. Bernard the walking Melaka history book. You can find him at
Casa Del Rio… A House Near The River: Another boutique hotel will be up in Melaka by early 2009. Casa