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Pertandingan Kuda Lasak di Melaka: Melaka tekah mula memperkenalkan pertandingan Kuda Lasak atau endurance bermulap pada tahun
Welcome Athletes…: To Melaka this week. And what’s important they are very special athletes.
Do u Get Your Post Card Yet?: Well during the Melaka Maju celeberation next week on 20.10.2010 / 20.10pm
Proton Savvy and modenas kriss prize maybe yours: If you come to the Sukan Malaysia XIII 2010 closing ceremony this
Melaka Grand Invitational Endurance Ride 2010 (MGIER’2010): Tuanku Mizan riding Jakim Murphy in the Melaka Grand Invitational Endurance Ride
Sports travel & tourism fast forward growth: Malaysia Sport XIII Melaka…SUKMA. In many occasion sports has proven can unite
Athlete Home at Sukma Melaka Hotel: Just at The SAS Highway… If you driving along the Krubong Highway