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Malaysia Open House Christmas 2010

Feliz Natal ! at the Portuguese Settlement Ujong Pasir this 26/12/2010. The event will start at 8.00pm till midnight. So come to and brings your friends to celebrate Malaysian style. The more the merrier. They will be

Jingling Nona

Jingling nona jingling nona yokare kasa Kasa rata kota jele lagu pasa Teng alah oteng pak oteng sala oteng Teng alah oteng pak oteng sala oteng That few lyrics from a Malacca Portuguese Song Jingling Nona… Melaka

The Fiesta As Usual

As usual Festa San Juang is celebrated every each year on 23rd June. Every house at the Portuguese Settlement will lighten up by candles, children dress in green overall pajamas said to symbolizing their innocence. Lot of

Portuguese Settlement – A living Musuem

One of its kind in Malaysia, a reservation for about 1000 of Portuguese Eurasians. With 28 acres of area, the land integrate own school, a square, fishing village, restaurant and now they have a hotel too. Locals

Fiesta San Juang & San Pedro 2008

Melaka the land of fiesta they say… this coming 23rd June till 29 June 2008 Portuguese here will celebrate their actual feast. An import made locally at the Portuguese Settlement. Fiesta you only can see at Melaka