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bazaar jalan hang tuah

Bubur Lambuk and Bazaar along Jalan Hang Tuah

Bazaar Ramadhan Mega di Jalan Hang Tuah telah pun bermula sejak 9 Julai yang lalu. Semalam pula telah diadakan majlis pengedaran bubur lambuk yang telah dirasmikan oleh YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka. Suatu ketika dahulu pada musim perayaan, kawasan jalan Hang Tuah sememangnya menjadi tumpuan kerana terdapat banyak peniaga Melayu disitu tambahan pula disitu terletaknya Stesen Bas henti-henti, bas ekspress dan teksi.

Bagaimanapun pembangunan kawasan perniagaan di kawasan lain dan pembukaan Melaka Sentral mungkin menyebabkan tumpuan di situ semakin berkurangan.

Tetapi sekarang kita ada mempunyai beberapa sebab untuk melawati sekitar Jalan Hang Tuah seperti UTC dan Bazaar Ramadhan Mega. Antara tumpuan lain seperti Plaza Hang Tuah, Wima Air, Pizza Hut, Soon Seng Plaza, UiTM Kampus Bandar dan UTeM Kampus Bandar

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Children Swimming Aids

Swim-Swim on the way!

As usual weekend will be the best time to bring our children for a short trip or vacation. Ask your children between playground and water, most of them will choose water instead of land. When we go for water trip, a theme park will be the best option. In Melaka, the best place to go for a swim with your family is AFamosa Water World. The park offer variety of water playing field that will let your child forget eating the whole day and they will end up sleeping in the car while going home. Usually the theme park don’t put any requirement of age for children to use all the theme park features as long as their parents are there. We can seem even babies also in the water with their parents. Safety first! Lets take a look the available swimming aid available in the market for your children:-

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Walking Along Jonker Walk..

A pedestrian walkway situated along Jalan Hang Jebat and continued along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Jalan Hang Jebat is previously known as Jonker Street. The walkway till today is still called the Jonker Walk. Jonker Walk is situated at the heart of Melaka town. This street is one of the oldest in town dated back when Dutch conquered Melaka. The name Jonker is Dutch word for ‘Jonkheer’. Jonkheer means prince or master. The street established in Dutch era for lower level of people to live such as servant to the Dutch Officer that live at Hereen Street or now Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street. Historian said that Jonker Street has been here as early at 1641.

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You can become A Friend of World Heritage!


Melaka as world heritage site recognition is still at its infancy stages. Many things must be done in order to conserve the National History now listed as world heritage site. As Melaka and Penang State just got the world heritage status, there are 851 site in the world that have been recognized by UNESCO. All the site have their own uniqueness in terms of natural resources, cultural variety and others mixed and recognize as world heritage site through convention coordinated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). What do this site have in common? Well there are all Heritage sites and have been visited and acknowledge by world historian, ecologist, art lovers and their own communities.

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State with the most Museum in Malaysia

Melaka is state with the most Museum in Malaysia. Malaysia pronounce the word museum as ‘muzium’. Currently Melaka have about 23 museum all over Malaysia not including historical monument and old tomb. Melaka Museum corporation (PERZIM) is in charge of all the museum. Last year PERZIM recorded about half of million people visit museum network in Melaka. In the heart of Melaka town only there are about 18 museum and many of the museum reside at Banda Hilir. Route Map below display all the 17 Museum in Banda Hilir only:


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What YEllOW means to you?


Yellow… in Malay custom yellow mean Royalty and every Royal Events will have many yellow equipment,yellow carpet yellow dress and anything. Yellow color also means cheerful, other culture like Japan stated yellow as the color of courage. But for me yellow means warded. Yes I’m warded again as my baby turn yellow. A yellow skin baby also called a Jaundice. Early in the morning I notice my baby eye was a bit yellow then ask my mother for his opinion. She said its a yellow fever and I must quickly get to the hospital and see the doctor. The baby blood test turn to be 15 for Jaundice. I don’t know what is the number all about but the doctor said if the Jaundice level is 15 then my baby must undergo phototheraphy treatment. I’m really sad to hear about my baby must go for the phototheraphy but the doc said it will not hurt the baby and I can be there at my baby all the time. Okay then because at first I thought that they will take the baby and put it some place like incubator and must wear some sort like a mask or radioactive wear to enter. The truth is my baby will sit right to me at my bed.

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