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Bubur Lambuk and Bazaar along Jalan Hang Tuah

Bazaar Ramadhan Mega di Jalan Hang Tuah telah pun bermula sejak 9 Julai yang lalu. Semalam pula telah diadakan majlis pengedaran bubur lambuk yang telah dirasmikan oleh YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka. Suatu ketika dahulu pada musim perayaan,

Children Swimming Aids

Swim-Swim on the way! As usual weekend will be the best time to bring our children for a short trip or vacation. Ask your children between playground and water, most of them will choose water instead of

Walking Along Jonker Walk..

A pedestrian walkway situated along Jalan Hang Jebat and continued along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Jalan Hang Jebat is previously known as Jonker Street. The walkway till today is still called the Jonker Walk. Jonker Walk

You can become A Friend of World Heritage!

Melaka as world heritage site recognition is still at its infancy stages. Many things must be done in order to conserve the National History now listed as world heritage site. As Melaka and Penang State just got

State with the most Museum in Malaysia

Melaka is state with the most Museum in Malaysia. Malaysia pronounce the word museum as ‘muzium’. Currently Melaka have about 23 museum all over Malaysia not including historical monument and old tomb. Melaka Museum corporation (PERZIM) is

Malaysia 51 years of Independence

Today 31st August 2008 Malaysia celebrate Nation Independence. Malaysia got it’s Independence dated back 51 years ago from British. Before that, Malaysia have about 600 years of colonial history from Portuguese, Dutch, Japs, Communist and British. This

What YEllOW means to you?

Yellow… in Malay custom yellow mean Royalty and every Royal Events will have many yellow equipment,yellow carpet yellow dress and anything. Yellow color also means cheerful, other culture like Japan stated yellow as the color of courage.