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Program Inap Desa menang anugerah UNWTO: Program homestay yang dikelolakan oleh Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia sememangnya unik untuk pelancong
Support Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia…: Bermula pada hari ini hingga 4 November 2012, Kementerian Pelancongan mengadakan program
Only in Malaysia…: -Multi Cultural Harmony -Durians -Shoppers Paradise -One of world dive site -World
Convert your tourism web into mobile: Tourism Malaysia mobile web at Smartphone and mobile broadband package are
What happen in Malaysia this week…: If you don’t want to read you can watch this weekly here.
“Malaysia in a Box”: Imagine you can learn about Malaysia in one small box. Another cute
Have any ideas for tourism Malaysia? Sent it to Creative box..: Yes I know you have a lot of thinking when it comes