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Don’t leave you kid, go travel with them!: Okay once you have a child, the honeymoon period is over and
Democratic Museum in a Democratic Country…: Because Malaysia is a democratic country, there is a museum call Melaka
Melaka Aboriginal Museum: Here in Malaysia, the indigenous people are called ‘Orang Asli’. Orang is
Another Luck Well if You Spotted the White Croc!: Wells are among the famous human creation for fairy tales. Around the
Melaka International Tourism Show (MITS ) 2008: Melaka International Tourism Show 2008 (MITS) will be held again this coming
British Soldier Grave, Burried with horse and dog.: On 1829, when British ruled Melaka, there was part of district in
Briged Seni Melaka: Briged Seni Melaka or in English we can pronounce it Melaka Art