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mahkota hotel

50% discount for children

Tis December at Mahkota Hotel Melaka. Age 4 to 12 years. The place is Cafe Mahkota. Got International Buffet Breakfast, buffet lunch, Teh Tarik Hig Tea and Christmas High Tea promo on the 25. Also the let’s come the New Year Dinner at 31st December.

So if you plan to celebrate Xmas and new year at Mahkota hotel, checkout the promotion brochure and price here.

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seri costa

Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa

Kahwin-Kawhin means wedding merrily…

If you are married, this is you second chance to re married but with Melaka Malay customs and ceremonies. If you are not married yet, think it as a proposal or rehearsal. So at Sri Costa Hotel Melaka, they have a package called Kahwin-Kahwin. Kahwin-Kahwin have 3 package that are:

1)Hotel Seri Costa 4 Days 3 Nights Sweet Honey Moon Package
2)Hotel Seri Costa 3 Days 2 Nights Timeless Love Package

Wth these pacakge, tourist will experience from head to toe the Malay wedding dress like songket, make-up,sanggul lintang, tengkolok, etc. Experience being a King for one day sitting in the daisies setup in Melaka Traditional houses.

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hang out hotel

Hang Out at Melaka Hang Out

Can u spot the hang out place?

Hotel. A hotel from Singapore that got many awards on its category now at Jonker Street / Walk. Because the location is at among the must go for tourist while visiting Melaka. You can find Hang Out Hotel Easily. With its reputation as a good budget hotel in Singapore, ISO certified. Looks like you got to try this.

Well Hang Out got roof top that you can hang out too. Few hotels here bring you the roof top, another hotel I know is Aldy Hotel and Banda Hilir.

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melaka accomodation guide

Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010

The Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010 was been release early this year and until today, it’s still not an updated guide because of the Melaka Very fast Hotel Development. Like for example Philea is not on the guide.

As the printed guide is for free and limited. You might want to download the soft version here. Although it’s a rough copy, I think it can be use full too.

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Antique at Cyclamen Cottage

Because of Melaka title as a World Heritage Site, there are many antique building here. But antique doesn’t mean it is old and rusty, for certain people it is unique. Feel it yourself and you will know.

So here it is, the Cyclamen Cottage. The hotel actually in British era was a home to the British Officials. After that it was used by the Straits-born Chinese or the Peranakans.

Just about 5 to 10 minutes drives from the town center depending on the traffic. Starting at Jalan Tengkera, drive straight where you can see the Tengkera Mosque historic minaret on your right. Go until you pass the tengkera primary school and when you see a Good Year tyre workshop, turn right at Lorong Teck Chye Avenue and you can see it, the sprawling lawn.

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rennaisaince melaka

Tourist willing to spend 9% more if you this…

Renaissance Melaka..

It’s a real news, and you know people, want to pay less but expecting above the par service. The key is quality customer service.

One survey reveal that :

-Twenty seven percent feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service.

The survey also said that people have the tendency to give a good review and share it with others. So with more people using the Internet to read a review before choosing a place to go, it will be bad if the place got many bad reviews.

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