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melaka on a bike

View Melaka on a Bike

No wonder I see people on a bike with complete gear sometimes in the village. Maybe is them, and they being around since 1999. It is a good activity and business. Nature friendly and step on the Melaka ground on your foot. Generally is safe to go anywhere by bicycle here in Melaka. Your may experience the unexpected at the friendly neighborhood like free lunch at a Malay wedding ceremony or eat fresh local fruit from the tree. No wild animal on the forest, but you can see monkeys, fox, squirrel, anteater, tortoise or maybe you must apply little cautions on wild boar.

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— asmaliana

cycling at sabah

Cycling Adventure in Malaysia

Cycling at Sabah

Want to really enjoy the surroundings at the place we travel?, cycling is the best way. Put your feet at the pedal and cycle anywhere you want to go. Only your skin and the nature. Stop at everywhere you want to. In Malaysia, no need to pay toll or parking fee for bicycle. I’m not a bicycle fan so I don’t know about the best bicycle brand available but there are plenty of bicycle shop here in Malaysia.

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melaka race

Melaka Governor Cup 2008 19th to 20th July

On 19th to 20th July, Melaka Bicycle Association, National Bicycle Association and Melaka Sport Councill will jointly organize Melaka Governor Cup 2008. The race wil start at Bukit Serindit Minucipal Park. Melaka Today reported that over 100 participants are expected in this International Race for the second time held in Melaka. Few foreign teams have confirmed their participations are : Thailand, Brunei,Indonesia,Qatar,Doha,Iran,Uzbekistan as well as Malaysia Royal Customs, Le Tua and MCF cycling teams.

Stage one will be held on Saturday 19th where the racers will clock a total 167.7 kilometer around Melaka City as well as making inroad into outskirts of Melaka Town like Sungai Udang, Masjid Tanah and Jasin. The second stage will involve 140.3 kilometer where individual will be racing clock wise using 1st stage route. A total of RM22,000 for winners from positions 1 to 20 of Governor Cup 2008 Melaka and each first 3 winners will get medal. This event is still open for sponsorship. For corporate bodies, hotels or companies that want to get involve with this race can call Mr. Norazman Abu Samah (016-6038323).

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— asmaliana