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20,000 Thai tourists to Melaka this year: Sawadikapp! That’s Melaka hope for 2010. Yesterday the Melaka delegation was doing
Melaka Fashion City…: Famous fashion city in the world are dominated by these famous five
Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits: Watch Video about how Melaka and Georgetown get the Inscription from UNESCO
Children Swimming Aids: Swim-Swim on the way! As usual weekend will be the best time
Malaysia-China Layang-Layang Festival 2009: Kite Fliers’ Melaka Association Choose the 1st day of 2009 for their
Weekend at Banda Hilir and Matta Fair 08: Searching for a spot… Weekend at Banda Hilir as usual, crowded. With
Jingling Nona: Jingling nona jingling nona yokare kasa Kasa rata kota jele lagu pasa