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Pulau Besar Melaka a Version of Monte Cristo Here..

Ever heard of Monte Cristo Island? Yeah go to the Music Valley and buy Count of Monte Cristo Movie. In the movie the islands was remarks as a mysterious island known only to pirates. Many sunken treasure like gold coins burried there. Monte Cristo, a tiny Italian Islands with mysteries is filled with saints, monks and pirates.

In Melaka we have a similar Mysterious islands. Maybe far more mysterious in terms of mystic and legends. That is Pulau Besar or The Great Island. Pulau is Island and Besar is Great, so it will be Great Island in English. Pulau Besar located about 3 kilometer from the main Jetty, Anjung Batu. There are no permanent resident at the islands, just daily tourist and workers from the one and only resort there the Chandek Kura. Journey by boat from Anjung Batu Jetty will take approximately 20minutes.

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— asmaliana