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Talking About Fruits, Melaka have the World Largest Tropical Fruit Park…

In this fruits season, the best place to visit is D-Paradise. D-Paradise is a huge fruits orchard. It has 800 species of exotic fruits. You read it..800 species!. Now they have Fruits Fiesta. From June to August come to D-Paradise and eat all you can. Over 800 to eats. 1 day not enough!. Other than the world largest tropical fruits farm title, D-Paradise aslo have other ‘World Largest’ under the hood. The list goes here:-

1-World Largest Land Crab (of course not from around here, its the famous robber crab!)
2-World Largest Collection of Cactus.
3-World Largest Collection of Monkey Cup Pitchers.

Think Camp David only for U.S President? Think no more. At D-Paradise they have an Island Call Camp David Island for your holiday getaway. to many to write about what in the D-Paradise compound. Man! its over 168 acres of showcase. Go find it for yourself. For infos, tickets, reservation and map please visit their official website here.

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— asmaliana