Dolphin and Sea Lion to Melaka

Soon and Melakans can watch these 2 famous theme park creatures: Dolphin and

Go Green Slippers at Jonker Street

pic from mysinchew here. Slippers are famous in Malaysia because the weather here.

Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010

The Melaka Accommodation Guide 2010 was been release early this year and until

What is the Smallest National Park?

Pic from cuti Malaysia… Malaysia have few national park that are listed as

Go Greener Everyday

I think we already heard about the concern of our ozone layer is decreasing since we were kid at school. After decade of polluting the earth, now there are a

New Panorama Buses in Melaka

Added more red in Malacca public transportation scenery by the Panoramas team. Now for those want to plan a trip a round town but don’t want to drive, you can

Selamat Hari Raya

I am late but the raya moon is still up there. I heard some department still organizing makan-makan for the raya open house. Had some work to do after Raya