hotel housekeeping

Do not Disturb

Even though you are a very lazy person when it comes to cleaning up your bed room, like once a week. It still the best bedroom for you compared to a hotel room. Why? Think of a public toilet. Clean on the outside but thousand of people have use it every day and the cleaner keep complaining about the wages while cleaning .

You might want to check the details of your hotel bathtub before dipping into it. Read here about confessions of a hotel housekeeper to realize it. Don’t forget to bring anti bacterial spray when checking in….

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— asmaliana


Talking about Jet Lag..

So the question is, does a Pilot got a Jet Lag? No? Because they have a specific training and Jet Lag is just a minor problem..I think. I travel a few in a year but most of it just to Indonesia, except one to Shanghai on July. So not very different time zone. The jet lag effect is minimum.

When read few article and video about Jet lag on the Internet, I think the key thing to counter the Jet Lag problem is sleep in timely matter. Like awake in the daylight and sleep when its dark. Well here’s a video about Jet Lag Remedies, Learn How To Avoid Jet Lag.

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Call a Cab Services in Malacca

Despite of daily taxis at Melaka Central, now there is new Call a Cab Taxi Services in Melaka. The Blue cab uses wireless communication system so the cab can reach you anytime and anywhere. Among services offered by this call a cab are:

* Scheduled service traveling by destination.
* Shopping spree
* Airport transfer services
* Special occasions
* sight seeing

The number is 06-2331666 I repeat 06-2331666. The cab are brought to you by Warisan Astana Sdn. Bhd.

— asmaliana

ttg awards

The God of Travel

Hermes is the God of Travel the protector of travelers in Greek myth. Now Hermes is Cast in solid pewter and plated in 24K gold. It’s a trophy used by TTG Annual Travel Awards.

TTG said that TTG Travel Awards not only serves a benchmark for high standards across the industry but also as a trajectory for the travel industry’s advancements.

All the winners of the awards have receive the trophy in October. You can about the news here.

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deepavali promo

Deepavali Big Sale

Which country you will associates with this celebration? If Chinese New Year origin is China, of course Deepavali is India. So as usual, cheap celebration flight award will go to Air Asia for Now. The Deepavali Big Sale.

Booking Period : 1 November 2010 – 8 November 2010
Travel Period : 1 April 2011 – 30 June 2011
Travel Notes – Advanced booking required. Fares are not available during embargo period.

So, Happy Deepavali and you enjoy the Deepvali Big Sale with Air Asia Here.

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