joy at mahkota

Wonderland at Mahkota Parade

Situation at Mahkota Parade are more merrier since 19 Nov till 2 January 2011. Not only shopping parade with discount everywhere like at Bonia, Carlo Rino,Body Shop..Also have freebies like free Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Man Soaps when spending.

Got Nursery rhymes for kiddy, meet the santa, donations, facebook contest and many fun activities you can check at the schedule until 2nd January next year.

So headed here for happenings at Mahkota Parade details…

— asmaliana

hotel abadi

Neu Hotel Abadi at Melaka Raya

Tis new Hotel is fresh from the oven with operation just started this month. The hotel website also under updating period. A 4 star hotel located at the heart of Melaka Raya. Beside the old Senyum Super that have been turn into Globallon apartment.

Although still a rookie in Melaka Hotel gangs, Hotel Abadi have started few package for promotion. At present they have:

-Seminar Package from RM48*
-Lunch / Dinner set from RM6
-Their Rindu Bistro and lounge have Beef / Chicken Lasagna for RM12
-got RM5 Teh Lepak
….and others

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Think Green

MITS 2010 : Think Green

Melaka International Tourism Show (MITS) 2010 will be coming soon!
From 3rd – 5th December 2010 at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), Ayer Keroh, Melaka, MITS 2010 will feature highlights such as exhibitions, seminar on green technology and green tourism, holiday bargains, cultural performances, local handicraft demonstrations as well as fun-filled events and activities including games and prizes to give away.

The issue of global warming caused by a severe degradation of the environment is certainly taking a heavy toll on our planet these days resulting in rising temperature, heat waves and wild peat fires in various parts of the world today, it is time for MITS 2010 to educate the tourism players as well as the public to do their part.

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nasa at planetarium

NASA @ Melaka Planetarium

You know Nasa? not the lubricant..but it’s an organization that bring people to the moon and the outer space. If you don’t know a thing about Nasa, you can always google it and read plenty of info about the first Man on the moon… or you just can come to Melaka Planetarium at MITC.

This is because Melaka Planetarium is having a space fair and the event is with NASA collaboration. Cool huh? NASA is sure a big name in Space exploration activities and you sure don’t miss this. NASA@ Melaka Planetarium are from 22 Nov to 28 Nov 2010.

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maskot paralimpiad melaka

Welcome Athletes…

To Melaka this week. And what’s important they are very special athletes. Welcome to Paralimpiad Melaka 2010. This is a National sport event that held every 2 years for Malaysian Paralympic athletes. This year Melaka will be host for the games. It’s should not be a great sport event here as Melaka just also manage to host Malaysian Games (SUKMA) June this year.

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Batam Trip 10-12 Nov..

Just back from Batam for the DMDI convention. This year convention was held at Sumatera Convention Center , Batam, Riau Archipelago. Well if you don’t know where Batam is you can always use google map. For west Malaysia and Singapore, Batam is well known. Like Phua Chu Kang – Best in Singapore, JB and Batam.

Malaysian always use ferry from Stulang Laut Johore Bahru to go there. No direct Flight from KL. Must transit at Jakarta. Easier to ride on a ferry. About 1 1/2 hours trip.

DMDI is Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam or The Malay & Islamic World group lead and initiate by Melaka State Government. I am secretaries for Tourism Biro. Well… let’s not talk about the convention coz I know uolz not interested in sociocultural thingy.

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