maskot paralimpiad melaka

Welcome Athletes…

To Melaka this week. And what’s important they are very special athletes. Welcome to Paralimpiad Melaka 2010. This is a National sport event that held every 2 years for Malaysian Paralympic athletes. This year Melaka will be host for the games. It’s should not be a great sport event here as Melaka just also manage to host Malaysian Games (SUKMA) June this year.

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Batam Trip 10-12 Nov..

Just back from Batam for the DMDI convention. This year convention was held at Sumatera Convention Center , Batam, Riau Archipelago. Well if you don’t know where Batam is you can always use google map. For west Malaysia and Singapore, Batam is well known. Like Phua Chu Kang – Best in Singapore, JB and Batam.

Malaysian always use ferry from Stulang Laut Johore Bahru to go there. No direct Flight from KL. Must transit at Jakarta. Easier to ride on a ferry. About 1 1/2 hours trip.

DMDI is Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam or The Malay & Islamic World group lead and initiate by Melaka State Government. I am secretaries for Tourism Biro. Well… let’s not talk about the convention coz I know uolz not interested in sociocultural thingy.

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Austrian President visit to Malaysia and Melaka

President Dr Heinz Fischer of Austria has visited Melaka yesterday on his 3 day visit to Malaysia. Melaka usually the favorite spot for world leader during the visit to Malaysia. Easy access from the capital Kuala Lumpur and rich with Heritage within the City – That’s Melaka.

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seri costa

Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa

Kahwin-Kawhin means wedding merrily…

If you are married, this is you second chance to re married but with Melaka Malay customs and ceremonies. If you are not married yet, think it as a proposal or rehearsal. So at Sri Costa Hotel Melaka, they have a package called Kahwin-Kahwin. Kahwin-Kahwin have 3 package that are:

1)Hotel Seri Costa 4 Days 3 Nights Sweet Honey Moon Package
2)Hotel Seri Costa 3 Days 2 Nights Timeless Love Package

Wth these pacakge, tourist will experience from head to toe the Malay wedding dress like songket, make-up,sanggul lintang, tengkolok, etc. Experience being a King for one day sitting in the daisies setup in Melaka Traditional houses.

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mc d breakfast

Breakfast Globally

What is the most Important meal of the day? Most people globally will said it’s breakfast. Nutritionist said that people who skip breakfast will likely to have problem like concentration and metabolism.

If you travel around the world, usually if you check in at any Hotel, the standard breakfast set we can find is English or American Breakfast that consist of eggs, bacon, sausages, accompanied by toast and tea or coffee. Biscuits, pancakes, waffles, bagels, French toast, English muffins, pastries etc.

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hotel housekeeping

Do not Disturb

Even though you are a very lazy person when it comes to cleaning up your bed room, like once a week. It still the best bedroom for you compared to a hotel room. Why? Think of a public toilet. Clean on the outside but thousand of people have use it every day and the cleaner keep complaining about the wages while cleaning .

You might want to check the details of your hotel bathtub before dipping into it. Read here about confessions of a hotel housekeeper to realize it. Don’t forget to bring anti bacterial spray when checking in….

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