Shooting at Dataran Pahlawan

The shooting supposed to be ended today .7/11, I will not come near

Do not Disturb

Even though you are a very lazy person when it comes to cleaning

Talking about Jet Lag..

So the question is, does a Pilot got a Jet Lag? No? Because

Mas New B737-800..

“We are proud to announce that we will be the first full service

Call a Cab Services in Malacca

Despite of daily taxis at Melaka Central, now there is new Call a Cab Taxi Services in Melaka. The Blue cab uses wireless communication system so the cab can reach

The God of Travel

Hermes is the God of Travel the protector of travelers in Greek myth. Now Hermes is Cast in solid pewter and plated in 24K gold. It’s a trophy used by

Deepavali Big Sale

Which country you will associates with this celebration? If Chinese New Year origin is China, of course Deepavali is India. So as usual, cheap celebration flight award will go to