Austrian President visit to Malaysia and Melaka

President Dr Heinz Fischer of Austria has visited Melaka yesterday on his 3

Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa

Kahwin-Kawhin means wedding merrily… If you are married, this is you second chance

Breakfast Globally

What is the most Important meal of the day? Most people globally will

Shooting at Dataran Pahlawan

The shooting supposed to be ended today .7/11, I will not come near

Do not Disturb

Even though you are a very lazy person when it comes to cleaning up your bed room, like once a week. It still the best bedroom for you compared to

Talking about Jet Lag..

So the question is, does a Pilot got a Jet Lag? No? Because they have a specific training and Jet Lag is just a minor problem..I think. I travel a

Mas New B737-800..

“We are proud to announce that we will be the first full service airline in the world to operate the B737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior,” Said the people