Old Town Guesthouse

Because the name is Old Town actually the building is a new setup

Private Cruise in Malaysia

As a coastal nation, of course the Private Cruise industry exist. The famous

Find your self a tough bag…

Going travel a lot? A good bag like this sure will do…. —

Heritage Air

Now Melaka Chief Minister and Melaka States Delegates are at Timor Leste doing

Flashpoint Paintball park

Paintball are now famous among the community. In that case, Melakan also can have easy access to the paintball facilities. Flashpoint paintball park are among it. Got two places, one

Sleepover Certificate

twinkle..twinkle….no stars….. Remember the post I write about Heritage Sleepover A nite at the museum? Yeap, its still sleeping on well. For those who are interested its have 2 packages.

The Great Island got a museum

Picture more at fairus.com.. Its called Muzium Pulau Besar. Just open this year and operated by PERZIM (Melaka Museum Corporation). Open everyday from 9.00am to 5.30pm. As my previous post,