avillion legacy hotel

New Year and X-mas package at Avillion

So now you can book the Christmas packages and New Year Packages at Avillion Legacy Melaka, direct at their website here. These 2 packages got:

-1 night accomodation
-Buffet Dinner
-Mystery gift

The New year packages is for 2 adults and the Christmas packages is for 2 adults and 2 children. The Avillion Legacy Melaka I can say is the among easy reach Hotel from the main road, strategic location, ample parking lot within the hotel or outside the hotel.

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nyonya shoes

Nyonya Beads Shoe …

photo from flickr..

Is not cheap if you think you think it is. Looks like ordinary shoes in the market but it home based craft..more like an art. So it price from about RM150 to RM1500. If in USD about from $50 to $500.
Not for everyday used eh? The more the beads surround your shoes, the more the money.

This expensive shoes are also from leather and imported beads. Not plastics ok. But there is a cheaper version and its plastic.

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malaysian heritage

Malaysian Heritage

From a book that you can download it here. It’s more than a building heritage being summarized into 25 pages book and turn into e-book. Actually its a scan version, not very nice looking but it’s free.

Of course in all the Malaysian heritage textbook it will have Melaka because Melaka where its all begin. In this book, Rumah Penghulu Natar on going conservation work is featured. Now the Rumah Penghulu Natar is completed and you can visit it already. Penghulu is a headman in the village thus the house will be bigger with carvings and large quality wood. That’s why wooden house like this can stand until today. But because it’s wood, it can stand tall more than 100 years if no conservation made.

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Malaysia Open House Christmas 2010

Reino dos Gifs, muito mais gifs para vocĂȘ

Feliz Natal ! at the Portuguese Settlement Ujong Pasir this 26/12/2010. The event will start at 8.00pm till midnight. So come to and brings your friends to celebrate Malaysian style. The more the merrier.

They will be lots of dancing and loads of singing there. Feliz Natal!

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auo sunpower

The Planet Most Powerful Solar

Now in Melaka, AUO Sunpower. Sunpower Corporation is based on San Jose California and AUO Sunpower in Melaka is its 3rd plant outside U.S. AUO is a Taiwan based entity. The factory here is one of the biggest and greenest in the world. More news on Melaka Hari Ini here.

Official opening of AUO Sunpower Plant was accomplished by Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday 15 Dec 2010. Also Present were Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and and former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The first phase of this factory employ more than 1100 workers. This Melaka plant will fully completed in 2013.

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oldtown guesthouse

Old Town Guesthouse

Because the name is Old Town actually the building is a new setup among the other old building. Although new addition in Melaka accommodation list, it got good review at tripadvisor. The price also cheap with many freebies for guest like:

– coffee/tea/water
– breakfast
– Wifi
– TV Lounge where you can watch any of our growing collection of DVDs
– Library that includes comic books and graphic novels for your enjoyment
– Kitchen for your use

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damai indah

Private Cruise in Malaysia

As a coastal nation, of course the Private Cruise industry exist. The famous spot is at Langkawi Island. One of the Private Cruise that I found got top rating in tripadvisor is Damai Indah Private Cruises. You can read all the review here at tripadvisor.

Although many made man attraction available for the public, nature activities like cruising in a yacht around untouched Island are still anyone dream. As for that it become exclusive and not affordable. When exclusive it can be a good business. That is why so important to preserved the nature.

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