New Year and X-mas package at Avillion

So now you can book the Christmas packages and New Year Packages at

Nyonya Beads Shoe …

photo from flickr.. Is not cheap if you think you think it is.

Malaysian Heritage

From a book that you can download it here. It’s more than a

Malaysia Open House Christmas 2010

Feliz Natal ! at the Portuguese Settlement Ujong Pasir this 26/12/2010. The event

The Planet Most Powerful Solar

Now in Melaka, AUO Sunpower. Sunpower Corporation is based on San Jose California and AUO Sunpower in Melaka is its 3rd plant outside U.S. AUO is a Taiwan based entity.

Old Town Guesthouse

Because the name is Old Town actually the building is a new setup among the other old building. Although new addition in Melaka accommodation list, it got good review at

Private Cruise in Malaysia

As a coastal nation, of course the Private Cruise industry exist. The famous spot is at Langkawi Island. One of the Private Cruise that I found got top rating in