The Turkeys are back…

In a roasted form…at Equatorial Hotel Melaka

If you have seen Mr. Bean hard work to complete a turkey then you might want just to take home a freshly roasted Turkey for dinner this weekend, complete with traditional sauces and stuffing.

Etc… Coffee Corner
1 – 31 December 2010
Pre-orders by 23 December 2010

Available: Daily
Price: RM240 nett per bird

More festive menu at this 5 star Melaka Hotel here.

— asmaliana

tree hope

Tree of Hope

During this festive season, many hotels will do a charity program and invite guest to make a donation. Because of the Christmas Season the tree will symbolized it. Among the Hotel that have the tree is Bayview Hotel Melaka.

Buy a delightful Christmas cookie at Bayview Hotel and the sale will go to charity fund. Pick up your favorite cookie by donation of RM10 per pack….

Bayview Hotel Melaka
Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone: +(606) 283 9888
Fax: +(606) 283 6699

— asmaliana

travel wallet

Travelling into Danger Zone

Who want to travel into a war zone or the place where an infectious outbreak happen rite?

But accident can happen anywhere. Imagine you are walking in a shopping district at Bangkok and suddenly riot happen…

If we are planning for a family vacation usually the place are safe because we know where for example the resort is and the booking are made by travel agent.

A business trip or a working trip is different. Sometimes we must do a job in danger area like oil and gas job in countries that have civil war. Or you are reporter and have a job at Afghanistan. This job usually high paid and insurance well covered…

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— asmaliana

hotel puri xmas

Christmas’ Eve Dinner 2010 at Puri

The Menu at Hotel Puri Melaka are:

Main course:

-Panfried salmon with dill cream sauces
-roast lamb leg with rosemary sauces
-chicken piccata with home made tomato sauce
-baked seafood and sautee onion in mayonnaise
-grilled sirloin steak with black pepper sauce
-roast thyme potatoes
-breaded calamari with tartar sauce
-spaghetti marinara with Parmesan cheese

For appetizer, soup, carving and desert please browse here. Hotel Puri are among the sought after hotel in Melaka because of its historical location and the peranakan based interior…Good place to start strolling around the old Melaka…

— asmaliana

avillion legacy hotel

New Year and X-mas package at Avillion

So now you can book the Christmas packages and New Year Packages at Avillion Legacy Melaka, direct at their website here. These 2 packages got:

-1 night accomodation
-Buffet Dinner
-Mystery gift

The New year packages is for 2 adults and the Christmas packages is for 2 adults and 2 children. The Avillion Legacy Melaka I can say is the among easy reach Hotel from the main road, strategic location, ample parking lot within the hotel or outside the hotel.

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— asmaliana

nyonya shoes

Nyonya Beads Shoe …

photo from flickr..

Is not cheap if you think you think it is. Looks like ordinary shoes in the market but it home based craft..more like an art. So it price from about RM150 to RM1500. If in USD about from $50 to $500.
Not for everyday used eh? The more the beads surround your shoes, the more the money.

This expensive shoes are also from leather and imported beads. Not plastics ok. But there is a cheaper version and its plastic.

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— asmaliana

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