zte smartpad

Traveling Pad..

This tablet just 9++ at Low Yatt last week but my hb said let put our money in Samsung Galaxy Tab…

Did you still bring a laptop these days? Well pads are becoming trend right now. Starting with Apple Ipad, there will be more tablet pc will come into Malaysian market from now to 2011.

I don’t have a tablet pc or a pad. There was once I feel my laptop was to bulky when travel or going to meeting so frequently. So I decided to buy netbook from Asus. I’m buying it when netbook just started to be known to consumer.

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— asmaliana


Tapping into the late night Industry

Kids really love i-city..

Usually every public places like shopping complexes will closed around 10pm. Tourism places of interest will closed earlier around 6.00 like the Museum and theme park.

After 10pm, there will be another attraction like karaoke, pub and night club. This attraction is not for family of course.

But now, there are awareness that people are not always sleep at night. There are also some one that sleep at day light and work when night falls. It’s a modern trend people work 24hours simultaneously.

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— asmaliana

going places

Where did u tis holiday?

Where will we be on a short holiday? Unless you are a teacher here, you got 2 month flat. Anything than a teacher, you must got approval from your boss. So where will we go depend on few things:


If you mood feels just want to hang around at home… doing chores can be a good activities…If you got more money maybe you can go to a short trip anywhere in the world….shopping.

Last 2 days, if you are driving around town, there will be a massive traffic jammed. In Melaka, hotel reached it full occupancy from no star to 5 star. Few people call me for help getting a room in the weekend. Pheww…

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— asmaliana

laksamana townlodge

Townstay and Kampungstay

You have more than one house? Buying a property is long said to be a value investment. So to cash out either you sell it in the future or you rent it and collect the monthly cash.

So how about the element of a guest house? In an area that so strategic in terms of tourist hot spot, to turn you rent house into an ala hotel is somthing to think of…

But usually people mislead it by calling this kind of house a homestay. By the term that have been develop by Tourism Ministry of Malaysia, a fully furnished individual house being rent by a guest is not a homestay.

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— asmaliana

family executive pergola hotel

5 Star beds by a budget…

When you check in into a budget hotel / guest house, you don’t mind what are in the room because usually the intention is just for a good night sleep.

But now the trend is affordable yet comfortable…as times goes buy, this will be the trend for the future. Many budget hotel and guest house will provide latest gadget in the room with cozy interior that can match 5 star room environment. As many of us can afford a LCD TV now….

For example Pergola Hotel Melaka. Located in Melaka Raya business district. Look small at the outside but with 5 star feeling inside. The room at Pergola Hotel Melaka will have a high quality bed, Ensuite Shower, BroadBand Internet,Movie / News Channels with 32″ flat widescreen TV.

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— asmaliana


The Turkeys are back…

In a roasted form…at Equatorial Hotel Melaka

If you have seen Mr. Bean hard work to complete a turkey then you might want just to take home a freshly roasted Turkey for dinner this weekend, complete with traditional sauces and stuffing.

Etc… Coffee Corner
1 – 31 December 2010
Pre-orders by 23 December 2010

Available: Daily
Price: RM240 nett per bird

More festive menu at this 5 star Melaka Hotel here.

— asmaliana

tree hope

Tree of Hope

During this festive season, many hotels will do a charity program and invite guest to make a donation. Because of the Christmas Season the tree will symbolized it. Among the Hotel that have the tree is Bayview Hotel Melaka.

Buy a delightful Christmas cookie at Bayview Hotel and the sale will go to charity fund. Pick up your favorite cookie by donation of RM10 per pack….

Bayview Hotel Melaka
Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone: +(606) 283 9888
Fax: +(606) 283 6699

— asmaliana

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