The Turkeys are back…

In a roasted form…at Equatorial Hotel Melaka If you have seen Mr. Bean

Tree of Hope

During this festive season, many hotels will do a charity program and invite

Hotel room workout…

Plenty of delicious pastry and cakes at the hotel restaurant? This hotel workout

Travelling into Danger Zone

Who want to travel into a war zone or the place where an

Christmas’ Eve Dinner 2010 at Puri

The Menu at Hotel Puri Melaka are: Main course: -Panfried salmon with dill cream sauces -roast lamb leg with rosemary sauces -chicken piccata with home made tomato sauce -baked seafood

New Year and X-mas package at Avillion

So now you can book the Christmas packages and New Year Packages at Avillion Legacy Melaka, direct at their website here. These 2 packages got: -1 night accomodation -Breakfast -Buffet

Nyonya Beads Shoe …

photo from flickr.. Is not cheap if you think you think it is. Looks like ordinary shoes in the market but it home based craft..more like an art. So it