Rakyat Malaysia berpeluang lihat hujan meteor Perseid

Makluman daripada laman web Planetarium Negara, bahawa esok kita berpeluang untuk melihat hujan

Express bus route online

Tickets or no tickets doesn’t matter now since today is already Hari Raya

The Best Asam Pedas in Melaka

Recently we hear about which State produced the best Asam Pedas…Melaka or Johor?

Kenikmatan Air Jando Pulang

Nampaknya kita perlu pergi ke Kuala Pilah sendiri untuk merasai Air Jando Pulang

Restoran Cina Muslim di Melaka

Chinese Muslim restaurant not to be confused with Baba Nyonya or Peranakan Restaurant. Chinese restaurant is purely Chinese food but Peranakan have a Melayu influences. Chinese Muslim is Halal because

Our skin enviromental protection in haze and dry…

Pic from Women And Cosmetics During World War II Our daily environments in the haze, sunny and dry condition like now is like a war for our skin. War against

The Haze is back!

Children using gas mask during World War 2 But that was very horror story of War when Biochemical / Sarin Gas used. Now in Malaysia: Pupils in Melaka using mask