‘Kencing’ untuk mengecas bateri henfon…

Pic from The Power of Pee - MonsterScifi Artikel ini bukanlah untuk ‘mengencing’

Book Hotel near Mutiara Damansara

In this festive holiday season, maybe the kids want to be at Kidzania.

Fun at Kidzania..

We have fun at Kidzania last month. The tickets actually already being bought

Medical Tourism in Malaysia now listed at international site…

Private hospital and Medical service industry in Malaysia now listed at MyMEDholiday.com, an

Malaysia will have the first interactive wax museum

Wax Museum are famous around the world under Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds are available in 4 Continent: America, Europe, Asia and Australia. But now if we don’t have the opportunity

Bazaar Ramadhan at other places…

A flea market just for food! Malaysian know very well about bazaar Ramadhan. The location, menu, the food and the surroundings. No need GPS or apps to find bazaar Ramadhan

Malaysian can visit Russia easily in future

For now only Russian can visit Malaysia without Visa for certain period but Malaysian cannot. But recently Malaysian and Russian Government are ready to abolished the partial visa and as