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last-minute flight booking

With the use of Online Booking, save the hassle nowadays and we can plan our future trip.

For business owner, future booking is like a new style of income generation. Long time ago, usually we just buy tickets on the counter, future booking not encouraging back then as we still go to the counter. With online booking, if the consumer cancel it last minute, they already charge the card. Terms & Condition make the day for business owner.

It’s like new tactics lah, you know, like we go into a furniture showroom, don’t bring the money and the card but the tauke said ‘if you don’t buy now 2moro got no promotion already, buy one free Plasma TV’. ‘Don’t worry just place $100 for booking, valid for 3 month maa’

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tourism malaysia

Ni Hao Ma?

Tourism Ministry views China as a big market for tourist arrival. While China with it’s 1.3 billion people, focus on the world to do business with them. With that humongous population, it’s still have plenty of place for people in the rest of the world to visit them.

Well Tourism Malaysia have a China Domain at www.tourismmalaysia.cn to do the job on supplying the info to the Chinese. I don’t understand a thing btw.

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malaysian homestay by rail

Experience Malaysian Homestay by rail

Another innovative tourism packages by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. To attract tourist using Malaysian historical train service and at the same time making a holiday at the Village along the route. A holiday at Homestay program under the tourism ministry.

These packages valid until October 2011. So you got ample time to plan your trip this year.

Our train is not a bullet train that only focus on to arrived faster but a normal coach that bring you the good Malaysian hospitality. When Riding a Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malayan Railway) is the best way to enjoy Malaysian scenery rather than a bus or a taxi. In the coach you will get ultimate in comfort and are well-equipped with a host of facilities such as karaoke lounge and restaurant.

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Best in Travel 2011

Lonely Planet’s currently having a promotion for Europe & Asia Pacific customers. Open you geography book and we are in Asia Pacific region. If you buy the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2011 you get the + bonus Best in Travel 2010 too.

What is the book for?

-Lonely Planet ranks the top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2011.
-The best travel experiences for the year ahead, from the opening of New York’s September 11 Memorial to flamenco classes in Andalucía.
-Over 35 events mapped out month by month in the 2011 travel planner.

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vip at the launching

1st January 2011

VIPS at the launching….

Do you agreed that every day is the same day? Whether its 2009,2010 or 2011. The day will be different when suddenly a snow suddenly falls here in Malaysia on 1st Jan 2011.

So its us determine what the day will gonna be. On 1st January, you can choose to sleep until noon, or wake up at 6.00am watching CSI Marathon on AXN, go out from the state or do some event.

Enjoying the hot sun at klebang beach…

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year end packages01

Don’t miss the year end special…

Just 2 days before we say chiow to 2010. How your 2010? Sheez…how fast a one year seems to be. But no wonder how we do in 2010..some good ..some bad..happy ..not happy, there is still 2011 because you are still alive, healthy and reading this blog.

But want thing for sure, if you want to do something or work on something, do it now..no tomorrow or next moon or next year. Coz you don’t know what happen ‘next’.

Now if you search for promotion, some hotel or restaurant might have a special new year eve packages. It’s end of the year, they have made a lot of moolah from January and at the end ‘maybe’ they want to cut short the profit a little bit just for you..

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cny 2011


CNY 2011 is month away but many have started to find holiday packages and dinner.

Well this is the advantage of living in multi racial and multi cultural community. The best things is the government officially recognized all main religious / cultural event of the year as national event and we got day off for that.

And the best things is we can found sales and discount almost throughout the whole year when the celebration come.

The Emperor Hotel Melaka got early posting on Gong Xi Fa Cai 2011 (03 Feb – 12 Feb’11) packages here. For example they got 2D/1N Package at RM218Nett inclusive of 1 night accommodation, 1 breakfast for 2Ad + 1Chd, 1 meal Voucher for RM38.00.

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