parkson LadiesShoesClearance

New Shoes for Chinese New Year 2011

Why the shoes manufacturer make ladies shoe not durable enough? As a result we must buy new shoes every celebration or every year. Parkson is having Pre-Chinese New Year Ladies Shoes Clearance from 4-19 January 2011 at Parkson Pavilion Event Hall level 3. Additional 3% off for on selected items for Parkson Elite Card members..

Well don’t to excited on buying those shoes because there will be a clearance sales at many place around the corner…

— asmaliana

visa go explore

Get your Visa Card going…

Many of us think that the word Visa Card mean the credit card from the bank that just want to tie our neck with interest and late payment charge.

Actually for the problem occur with the card, you can’t blame Visa but blame yourself and the bank that issues the card. Visa is an International body that will help the card accepted worldwide and you can withdraw money at any ATM.

Apart from that, Visa also collaborate with certain hotel or tourism spot to give you a discount on payment made using Visa. Don’t care from any bank the important is its support Visa. Work with a Debit card too.

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— asmaliana

CNY 2011

Yee Sang at Orkid Hotel

I thought Yee Sang is brought here from China along with dragon dance, lion head and kung fu, but I was wrong, I heard from the TV that Yee Sang is originated locally. Orkid Hotel Melaka already published their Chinese New Year menu with Yee Sang price at RM18 (small) and RM28 (big).

Orkid hotel, although small from the outside and being surrounded by Star player like Renaissance and Bayview, also had plenty of facilities inside. Got Parking at the back too. Their Anggerik Ballroom can accommodate 230 PAX banquet style.

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hostel bed

The Worldwide Hostels Database

Fancy this?

Usually the main subject that matter when choosing a Hotel or a Hostel is budget.

Hotel have 5 rank to determine according to the budget also. We opt for a hotel room and the basic that come out into our mind are like : clean interior / carpet, control aircon, bathtub, cold/hot massage shower,a shampoo/shower cream, cable TV, kid swimming pool, lots of breakfast..

So hotel service is subject to our complain at trip advisor if not to our expectation.

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4 hours

last-minute flight booking

With the use of Online Booking, save the hassle nowadays and we can plan our future trip.

For business owner, future booking is like a new style of income generation. Long time ago, usually we just buy tickets on the counter, future booking not encouraging back then as we still go to the counter. With online booking, if the consumer cancel it last minute, they already charge the card. Terms & Condition make the day for business owner.

It’s like new tactics lah, you know, like we go into a furniture showroom, don’t bring the money and the card but the tauke said ‘if you don’t buy now 2moro got no promotion already, buy one free Plasma TV’. ‘Don’t worry just place $100 for booking, valid for 3 month maa’

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— asmaliana

tourism malaysia

Ni Hao Ma?

Tourism Ministry views China as a big market for tourist arrival. While China with it’s 1.3 billion people, focus on the world to do business with them. With that humongous population, it’s still have plenty of place for people in the rest of the world to visit them.

Well Tourism Malaysia have a China Domain at to do the job on supplying the info to the Chinese. I don’t understand a thing btw.

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— asmaliana

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