last-minute flight booking

With the use of Online Booking, save the hassle nowadays and we can

Ni Hao Ma?

Tourism Ministry views China as a big market for tourist arrival. While China

Experience Malaysian Homestay by rail

Another innovative tourism packages by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. To attract tourist using

1st January 2011

VIPS at the launching…. Do you agreed that every day is the same day? Whether its 2009,2010 or 2011. The day will be different when suddenly a snow suddenly falls

Don’t miss the year end special…

Just 2 days before we say chiow to 2010. How your 2010? Sheez…how fast a one year seems to be. But no wonder how we do in 2010..some good ..some


CNY 2011 is month away but many have started to find holiday packages and dinner. Well this is the advantage of living in multi racial and multi cultural community. The