Traveling Pad..

This tablet just 9++ at Low Yatt last week but my hb said

Tapping into the late night Industry

Kids really love i-city.. Usually every public places like shopping complexes will closed

Where did u tis holiday?

Where will we be on a short holiday? Unless you are a teacher

Townstay and Kampungstay

You have more than one house? Buying a property is long said to

5 Star beds by a budget…

When you check in into a budget hotel / guest house, you don’t mind what are in the room because usually the intention is just for a good night sleep.

The Turkeys are back…

In a roasted form…at Equatorial Hotel Melaka If you have seen Mr. Bean hard work to complete a turkey then you might want just to take home a freshly roasted

Tree of Hope

During this festive season, many hotels will do a charity program and invite guest to make a donation. Because of the Christmas Season the tree will symbolized it. Among the