Experience Malaysian Homestay by rail

Another innovative tourism packages by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. To attract tourist using

1st January 2011

VIPS at the launching…. Do you agreed that every day is the same

Don’t miss the year end special…

Just 2 days before we say chiow to 2010. How your 2010? Sheez…how


CNY 2011 is month away but many have started to find holiday packages and dinner. Well this is the advantage of living in multi racial and multi cultural community. The

Casa Del Rio Melaka Early Bird Promotion

Ever heard the word Casa? Portuguese and Spanish use the word Casa. Go find it yourself in google. The hotel that everyone waiting to check in is now almost complete

Happy New Year 2011!

LE TOUR DE LANGKAWI- ‘Yellow Ride LTDL 2011’ schedule here. Are you happy? Coz everyone keep saying ‘Happy’ New Year not merry new year or lucky new year or anything…While