Taragon Bistro

A nyonya bistro at the Melaka riverside,you can have your food outside at

New Shoes for Chinese New Year 2011

Why the shoes manufacturer make ladies shoe not durable enough? As a result

Get your Visa Card going…

Many of us think that the word Visa Card mean the credit card

Yee Sang at Orkid Hotel

I thought Yee Sang is brought here from China along with dragon dance,

The Worldwide Hostels Database

Fancy this? Usually the main subject that matter when choosing a Hotel or a Hostel is budget. Hotel have 5 rank to determine according to the budget also. We opt

last-minute flight booking

With the use of Online Booking, save the hassle nowadays and we can plan our future trip. For business owner, future booking is like a new style of income generation.

Ni Hao Ma?

Tourism Ministry views China as a big market for tourist arrival. While China with it’s 1.3 billion people, focus on the world to do business with them. With that humongous