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Present your trip with TripWow

With TripWow from Tripadvisor, you can wow your friends and audience with professional looking slideshow complete with background music and map route like Indiana Jones style. All for free.

TripWow also can connect directly to your facebook, flickr or your computer to get the picture. So easy to use, the stunning special effects like you make a movie for yourself in few minutes..

Well you can do the jawdrop presentation here.

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Aldy Thoo Hotel

Panoramio to detect this place ….

Aldy hotel is quite a recognizable hotel around Banda Hilir because of it’s appearances near the Stadhuys complex. Nicely blend with others red historical vicinity. Also for its rooftop ‘Rooftop D’Place’ . The hotel roof that turn into party places.

Then they got another Aldy at China town. The Aldy Thoo hotel. They really good on turning bank / old office building into a nice hotel. It’s not to hard to find the hotel, Let say if you are from Renaissance Hotel, starting from the traffic light, if straight will go to Banda Hilir, instead you turn right and Aldy Thoo Hotel will be at your right at the corner of another traffic light.

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faber castel

World Largest as a tourist attraction

Can you see the pencil?

Did you know Malaysia once have world tallest and largest pencil in the world. The pencil is at the famous pencil maker office Faber Castell office in Subang Jaya Selangor. This is 65 feet tall pencil

But now the record has been beaten by a 76 feet tall Pencil in St. Louis City Musuem. Browse here to check it out.

World tallest pencil..

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Cave in Malaysia database

Tourism at Gua Tempurung Perak…

Malaysia are among the country of many caves. We also got the Niah Cave that one of the largest limestone cave in the world. State of Perak have vast cave within reach from the main North South East Highway. You can even seen it from the road and some of them have been turn into a temple. Same like the famous Batu Caves.

If you drive up north from KL, you might want to drop by at Gua Tempurung Perak. You can go caving safely with family and friends there because of the upgrade facilities in the cave and many trip packages to suit your ability.

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mahkota medical

Win an Ipod Shuffle at Mahkota Medical

Along with health screening packages too. Easy, just fill in the form here. The duration of this survey is until 31st January 2011. Is easy to fill in the form but to win the Ipod I think not so easy lah..

Don’t forget to join their public awareness event ‘Health is Wealth‘ on 15 January 2011 and you also could win a RM90 health checkup voucher…

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matta fair

MATTA Travel Fair 11-13 March 2011

And the registration for the exhibitors start today. Color your life . . . TRAVEL! Is what they said for traveling 2011.

Well it’s the biggest travel fair chain in Malaysia and if you never go to such event, you better try because the promoter sure can teach how to use you money ‘wisely’ with their interesting travel packages. You just need to think from now on whether want to go Outbound or Inbound…

Official website at

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