long feng

Bed and Free Breakfast @ Renaissance Melaka

Long Feng Chinese Restaurant…

When you wake up at Renaissance Melaka. Rates are from 269 – 284 MYR. To get this free breakfast you must book in advance. About ten days’ advance reservation required. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

For reservation you need a promotional code. What is the code? Click here for the code. This promotion is until June 30, 2011 .

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mas fare frenzy

72 Hours hare fare frenzy

Not at Air Asia but Malaysia Airlines System. Since the Introducing of Air Asia, more people here can take a flight for their very first time and after wards. Before this my mom only know MAS and MAS is no cheapo and she doesn’t want to pay for expensive tickets just to go Kota Bahru.

Although she already gone to Mecca with an Arabian flight company, still she think doing a flight locally is a waste of money. Until recently I show the tickets price with Air Asia and bla..bla..bla the time consuming by bus bla..bla and she buy the Air Asia Tickets to Kota Bahru. Still she never on board a Malaysian Airlines System.

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International Driving Permit (IDP) in Malaysia

Do you really want to drive in a total foreign road that you never step foot before? I prefer a taxi..

But some of us just like the fun and thrill of driving in the open road and highway in different world. To enjoy the surroundings for yourself and let the feet tell you where to go.

Okay wait says the Traffic Officers – “License Please Mr,Mrs,Madam,Sir?!”

So if don’t want to spend a free night stay at the foreign country jail and try to jailbreak yourself using a fork, better take the International Driving Permit (IDP).

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putu piring

Open road delicacy

A putu piring stall in Melaka…

When you travel to Malaysia, starving is the last thing you can think off. Easy access to all food available. Other than cafe, restaurant and hotel, when you drive on Malaysia open road, you also can have a bite along it.

Type of food you can be differ according to time. If its in the morning, you can easily find breakfast stall anywhere that sell food like:-

1)Nasi Lemak:
-Most favourite Malaysian breakfast, quite heavy with rice, chilies gravy,egg, nuts,anchovies and side dish like fried chicken, meat rendang and water convulvulus.

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Hutong Happiness & facebook contest

The most happening Shopping Centre in town now more happening before this Chinese New Year 2011. They say it’s Hutong Happiness. Although I don’t really catch its meaning but they from now on there are plenty of event at Mahkota Parade like:

-Mahkota Parade National Lion Dance on Stilts and Obstacle Lion Championship
-Lion Dance & Dragon Dance from January and February
-Light A Lantern Charity Campaign
-Lunar New Year Fashion Showcase
-Walk of Prosperity

And a contest that may will interest you that is Mahkota Parade Facebook Contest ‘COUNT & WIN’. Contest Period: 10 January – 20 February 2011 . So browse here for more details about all those event.

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Enjoying the Dam atmosphere

Dam View from the parking..can you see the edge?

Among the magnificent thing that man made is the Dam. The Dam can create an ocean in the land. Great dam in the world have always being fascinating place in the history like Hoover Dam USA and Three Gorges Dam in China. Such an engineering marvel that we always think how it can be built.

Malaysia also have many dam at almost every state. From such a small scale to big one like Bakun Dam in Sarawak. Interesting fact about Bakun dam:

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