Hutong Happiness & facebook contest

The most happening Shopping Centre in town now more happening before this Chinese

Enjoying the Dam atmosphere

Dam View from the parking..can you see the edge? Among the magnificent thing

Present your trip with TripWow

With TripWow from Tripadvisor, you can wow your friends and audience with professional

Aldy Thoo Hotel

Use Panoramio to detect this place …. Aldy hotel is quite a recognizable

Another CNY 2011 offer

With this card you can eat with 10% discount on selected Restaurant here in this Chinese New Year month..Using AEON Jusco card. I bet many of Jusco shoppers have this

World Largest as a tourist attraction

Can you see the pencil? Did you know Malaysia once have world tallest and largest pencil in the world. The pencil is at the famous pencil maker office Faber Castell

Cave in Malaysia database

Tourism at Gua Tempurung Perak… Malaysia are among the country of many caves. We also got the Niah Cave that one of the largest limestone cave in the world. State