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CNY lipstick…

more lips..

The best thing about national celebration are discount everywhere, thus making Malaysia a great place for shopping various of item. Because of many promotion and sales in all major shopping and specialize boutique, there are people doing initiative to start an independent Internet portal and updates various of promotion available.

To date we have site that will inform you discount and promotion like,,,, …to name the few.

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Learn phrase before traveling out

a Malay Phrasebook from lonelyplanet…

English is an acceptable global language and Latin is a dead language. But it is also worthy to learn few basic phrase of language for the certain country we want to visit.

The benefit can be great. At certain place like China, even the taxi driver don’t understand much English. Basic things like ‘go faster’, ‘please stop now’ or ‘how much’ may save you from a much further disaster.

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baskin robin

Your one year supply of Ice Cream…

Uhh I automatically feeling hungry when hear a Baskin Robin..The waffle sundae and banana split eh?

Until 31st January 2011, you can get a chance to get a one year supply of ice cream from Baskin Robin. Imagine that if you can get that ice cream supply…no more staple more rice and anything..and you will be turn into a sweet tooth fairy..

What you need is just to confess.

What is the confession? Browse here

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bukit beruang

Beruang Hill launching carnival

Beruang is a Malay word for Bear and Beruang Hill is a place in Melaka town area. Maybe in ancient time the place was invaded by bear or the main bear nest in Melaka. Maybe be if we dig deep we may find a bear fossil here.

Ok now for the present time. Beruang Hill Resort, kinda urban resort that was open last year will make a launching carnival this year on 29 Jan 2011. Many fun activities like food fair,games, sales and family competition available. They got a resort membership promotion on that day only for 0.99 cent.

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Jonker Street in Vancouver

You can find this at vancouver…

I don’t know if you know about this but I happen to stumble upon a Jonker Street web and it is located at Vancouver Canada an its a restaurant. A restaurant full of Melaka and Malaysia local delicacies. Try here. So next time if you plan a trip to Vancouver, you know where to find roti canai, satay, gado-gado, tofu goreng, laksa and even a curry…

It’s good not just preserving the ingredients or presentation of the food but the named itself. Then people will know the root of the food. Like Croissant ..we know its French..but actually it have a very long history just for a bread here. So when we eat satay ahh we know its dont change it to like grilled beef skewer ..I think…

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geographer cafe

Jonker Street from tripwow

As I said earlier, you can make professional looking presentation using tripwow. So now look at this Jonker Street slide show made by tripadvisor trip wow:

This Lunar Chinese New Year, Jonker Street will be among the favorite spot as we will remind back the Old China Town like Hong Kong movies in the 70’s. Will all the lanterns and happenings at the Chinese Restaurant along the block, I bet you will bring something back least the pineapple tart..

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Malaysia Cruising guide and the rest of the world

Apart from wikipedia, they also got cruiserswiki. A wikipedia look alike page just for sailors. Now we narrow down to Malaysia from the cruiserswiki and we got a cruising guide for Malaysia. So from the Malaysia cruiserswiki we can find about:

-Climate & Weather – like when the monsoon time and the weather agencies that you can talk with..
-Charts, Navigational issues, and main Cruising Destinations.

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