No discount on Blackout dates

pic from stumblng tumblr.. If you got a discount voucher, you still can’t

World Youth Hotel

World Youth Hotel Melaka is located at Ayer Keroh, beside the World Assembly

Chinese New Year Feasts at Bayview

Explode dance club at Bayview Melaka If you want to attend their Feasts

Bed and Free Breakfast @ Renaissance Melaka

Long Feng Chinese Restaurant… When you wake up at Renaissance Melaka. Rates are

72 Hours hare fare frenzy

Not at Air Asia but Malaysia Airlines System. Since the Introducing of Air Asia, more people here can take a flight for their very first time and after wards. Before

International Driving Permit (IDP) in Malaysia

Do you really want to drive in a total foreign road that you never step foot before? I prefer a taxi.. But some of us just like the fun and

Open road delicacy

A putu piring stall in Melaka… When you travel to Malaysia, starving is the last thing you can think off. Easy access to all food available. Other than cafe, restaurant