Puteri Resort Special Valentine’s set menu

I’m just helping my fren Marina here to tell you that Puteri Resort Melaka got a Special Valentine’s Day special dinner packager on 13 February 2011, from 7pm to 10.30pm. RM98.00 per couple. Check here for the hotel rates and other promotion.

Puteri Resort Ayer Keroh
Jalan Puteri Resort 1,
Ayer Keroh,
75450 Melaka,
Tel : +606-232 3333

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Sales..sales and sales…

So what do you think? Just buy need to hold you feeling and get so uncertain after you get into your car or at the office the rest of the month..until the next celebration.

If you don’t want to let go the notes on your purse, just don’t go window shopping on a promotion / sales week.

I’m in Melaka, so when coming to KL, SOGO is like a de facto place to go shopping for a middle income group like me. Because the local branded item is within the reach and we can get all type of brand in one roof.

So when I decide just to have look last Friday at SOGO, the shopping will eventually happen although we already shopping last December at SOGO XMas sales.

Oh yes if you go Shopping on Saturday, no plastic bag..government starting to go green now..

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— asmaliana

philea cny and valentine

Valentine dinner, CNY Reunion and late night shopping

So let’s take a look of some interesting promotion at Melaka this month until February. Of course the topic will be Gong Xi Fa Cai and for young love bird is the valentine dinner package. Among the best deal are:

Chinese New Year Reunion at Philea Resort Melaka ranging from Prosperity Menu (RM888++), Abundance Menu(RM988++) and Auspicious Menu(RM1088++). 10 person per table. Checkout their Yee Sang and Heart in Love promotion this valetine too. Click here.

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a famosa resort melaka newest attraction

A’Famosa Resort Melaka updates and promotion 2011

Many people ask about tickets and booking at Famosa Resort. Now you can book the resort online at You also can sms booking there. More info for A Famosa Resort Melaka sms booking here. Don’t forget to check their seasonal calendar before planning a trip there here.

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beautiful lips

CNY lipstick…

more lips..

The best thing about national celebration are discount everywhere, thus making Malaysia a great place for shopping various of item. Because of many promotion and sales in all major shopping and specialize boutique, there are people doing initiative to start an independent Internet portal and updates various of promotion available.

To date we have site that will inform you discount and promotion like,,,, …to name the few.

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Learn phrase before traveling out

a Malay Phrasebook from lonelyplanet…

English is an acceptable global language and Latin is a dead language. But it is also worthy to learn few basic phrase of language for the certain country we want to visit.

The benefit can be great. At certain place like China, even the taxi driver don’t understand much English. Basic things like ‘go faster’, ‘please stop now’ or ‘how much’ may save you from a much further disaster.

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baskin robin

Your one year supply of Ice Cream…

Uhh I automatically feeling hungry when hear a Baskin Robin..The waffle sundae and banana split eh?

Until 31st January 2011, you can get a chance to get a one year supply of ice cream from Baskin Robin. Imagine that if you can get that ice cream supply…no more staple more rice and anything..and you will be turn into a sweet tooth fairy..

What you need is just to confess.

What is the confession? Browse here

— asmaliana

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