Learn phrase before traveling out

a Malay Phrasebook from lonelyplanet… English is an acceptable global language and Latin

Your one year supply of Ice Cream…

Uhh I automatically feeling hungry when hear a Baskin Robin..The waffle sundae and

Beruang Hill launching carnival

Beruang is a Malay word for Bear and Beruang Hill is a place

Jonker Street in Vancouver

You can find this at vancouver… I don’t know if you know about

Jonker Street from tripwow

As I said earlier, you can make professional looking presentation using tripwow. So now look at this Jonker Street slide show made by tripadvisor trip wow: This Lunar Chinese New

Malaysia Cruising guide and the rest of the world

Apart from wikipedia, they also got cruiserswiki. A wikipedia look alike page just for sailors. Now we narrow down to Malaysia from the cruiserswiki and we got a cruising guide

No discount on Blackout dates

pic from stumblng tumblr.. If you got a discount voucher, you still can’t use it on Blackout Dates. So what is that? A day when there are no electricity in