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So what is eco tourism?

Riding on a 4 wheel drive and hit the forest ? No

Eco-tourism is more on ‘conserving’. Conserve the environment so that it can improve the well being of the locals – The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

So when you think about to build something to attract tourist in an area that is natural, you must think to leave it as it is so that it will not destroyed by human development. If not with minimal impact on it such as forest cutting.

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— asmaliana


Raleigh expedition in Malaysia

Do you ever heard about Raleigh? What I know that I remember riding on my Grandfather Raleigh when I was a little kid. But that’s a bicycle. This Raleigh expedition is not a bicycle expedition but a charity expedition to make a difference, get me?

Raleigh is like a charity organization that based in England… Interesting is that they also have expedition in Malaysia and they called it Borneo Expedition. They first went to Sabah in 1987 and since 2003 Raleigh have run over 20 expeditions in Sabah, North Borneo.

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life jacket

Save your life with..

Atleast we have the basic one for kid…

A life Jackets…

Why? because I read more of drowned cases everyday in Newspaper. For example one that happen in Sungai Perak here. This month, many places in West coast of Malaysia were experiencing heavy rain that causes flood.

Johore is affected heavily and some place in Melaka. There were also drowned cases because of the flood.

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world kite festival

What’s up in February..

Ups! It’s already at the end of February 1st week and we will keep saying how fast time flies..How about your holiday celebration? Still feeling the blues to go to the office?

Well don’t think about the past to much and let’s see what up in Tourism Picture this February.

For International event in Malaysia, Johor will organize World Kite Festival from 16th to 20th February 2011. World Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang are supported by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Information Communications and Culture Malaysia and Johor Kite Association. It’s windy February..Here for more info.

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meeting place 123

Valentine Love Theme

This is among affordable dinner at hotel for Valentine’s day. Suitable if you are hungry and want a good food at 14 February. At Emperor Hotel Melaka, for dinner you can choose 3 theme for your food, that are:

Valentine Love Theme Dinner from RM38.00++ per person.

Cupid (Chicken) : RM38.00++ per person
Everlasting (Fish) : RM48.00++ per person
Blossom (Beef) : RM58.00++ per person

Inclusive of starter, soup, entree, dessert, sparkling juice and a usual a stalk of rose for ladies…

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valentine in the air

Valentine’s Day on the Cruise

If you can’t afford Venice, you can always come down here to Melaka and Naza Talyya got a package for love bird young or old. It’s a romantic dinner on the Melaka River Cruise.

Date as known globally on 14 February 2011 from 7pm to 10pm. Package include a Stalk of Rose and a bottle of Sparkling Juice.

Actually they have other Valentine Pakckage at their Talyya chain of Hotel like in JB and Penang. But Melaka got a Boat ridelah…Of course more special lah…

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— asmaliana

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