Group discount on Groupsmore

Just print the coupon….

Everyone aware that buying large item will get a bit of discount. Registering with a group of people will also get a discount. It’s a collective buying power if you want to refer back your old business text book.

What about groupon? I heard that many happy groupon customer around the globe. This happy groupon customer are log on to their email everyday to receive important email from groupon that is – discount and many more discount of their favorite places.

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— asmaliana

high spender

Higher-spending visitors or Budget?

Sometimes focus on budget package can help…

Are the economy already recovering? I seriously can’t tell as we live in a peaceful condition and earn monthly wages. I also seldom read the economic news.. do you read that stuff?

But I guess, if you have a fix income, you still can plan for your holiday within the budget without the effect of world economy. Maybe if the the economy is at full recovery the business will be profiting thus government can get more tax. As a result we got more bonuses from the boss. So yes, we can be more luxurious on spending on holiday or travel.

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— asmaliana

sapporo snow festival japan

Travel to exotic world festivals

Sapporo Snow Festival more pic from Sasakei here.

Every nation have their very own festivals, like here in Malaysia we are bless with all kind of festivals in the whole year. The result of multi-racial and religious community that already blend with each other. From Eidul Fitri to Chinese New Year and Deepvali, all considered a National Holiday and we celebrate it together.

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seri tanjung homestay

International homestay programs

Exchange student at Seri Tanjung Homestay Masjid Tanah..

Actually homestay is a global phrase. About every nation that promote it’s tourism industry have the element of homestay program. From Canada to United States to Europe..Asia and here at Malaysia we have it too.

All homestay around the world have the basic things in common, – a host families and sharing the locals lifestyle.

There are many international homestay program available out there and now they are having a website and taking it to a more global approach. As a result we will have cultural exchange which a Homestay program can make an important role.

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— asmaliana


Holiday Package for Kids

caca n ryan

So now the kids got their own holiday package?

But who will going to pay for the bills? Of course the adults. If you don’t want to go out on holiday or don’t have an Idea why to go out, kids can be the big reason for you.

Of course if you kid is Miley Cyrus, then they can pay for themselves..

Sometimes adults just want to sit and relax at home after 5 days at the office. Doing chores, lawn, or watching favorites TV Channel.But the kids especially the one that still don’t go to school yet. They will tend to get boring if to much home for them.

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— asmaliana


Hello Voluntourism you!

Lonely Planet Volunteer travel guide..

Voluntourism or Volunteer travel or volunteer vacations

Maybe something or a new phrase for you ear. Well voluntourism has starting to be popular these days.

In Voluntourism there is no 5 star treatment, 5 star hotel, spa and sauna, shopping at high class boutique, enjoying a cozy dinner and anything that give your pleasure.

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— asmaliana

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