Hello Voluntourism you!

Lonely Planet Volunteer travel guide.. Voluntourism or Volunteer travel or volunteer vacations Maybe

Your Eco-tourism explorer

So what is eco tourism? Riding on a 4 wheel drive and hit

Raleigh expedition in Malaysia

Do you ever heard about Raleigh? What I know that I remember riding

Save your life with..

Atleast we have the basic one for kid… A life Jackets… Why? because

What’s up in February..

Ups! It’s already at the end of February 1st week and we will keep saying how fast time flies..How about your holiday celebration? Still feeling the blues to go to

Valentine Love Theme

This is among affordable dinner at hotel for Valentine’s day. Suitable if you are hungry and want a good food at 14 February. At Emperor Hotel Melaka, for dinner you

Is not to late to say…

Happy Chinese New Year.. To our YB Datuk Melaka tourism boss… Gong Xi Fa Cai… To Miss Tan, Uncle Datuk Seet, Mr. Lim, Mdm. Madelina, Mr Goh,Christina,Mdm Christine, Mss Lim,