Shaman & ancestral medicine attraction

Chinese Shaman, pic from subangdailyphoto. Although in Malaysia, we are spearheading to be

PIKOM PC Fair 2011 @ MITC

The fair that have been awaited by everyone is back. PIKOM PC Fair

Group discount on Groupsmore

Just print the coupon…. Everyone aware that buying large item will get a

Travel to exotic world festivals

Sapporo Snow Festival more pic from Sasakei here. Every nation have their very own festivals, like here in Malaysia we are bless with all kind of festivals in the whole

International homestay programs

Exchange student at Seri Tanjung Homestay Masjid Tanah.. Actually homestay is a global phrase. About every nation that promote it’s tourism industry have the element of homestay program. From Canada

Holiday Package for Kids

caca n ryan So now the kids got their own holiday package? But who will going to pay for the bills? Of course the adults. If you don’t want to