spicy oxtail

Malaysia’s favourite recipe at malaysiakitchen..

Have you check the Malaysia kitchen for recipe? Yeap, you can get the authentic Malaysian favorite dishes there.

Food like spicy oxtail soup, assam laksa or mee bandung. The food is authentic but for the recipe, you can alter to suit your tongue.

This Malaysia kitchen website main purposed is to promote Malaysian food to the world. It’s an initiative by the Government body MATRADE. It also list all Malaysian restaurant or restaurant that served Malaysian food around the globe. So if you travel from London to Tokyo, you will not miss the nasi lemak.

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Shahrukh in Melaka for Don 2

Melaka Governor & Chief Minister with Shahrukh..

I am no fan of Bollywood movies I believe there are strong fans here in Malaysia and also a die hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan himself.

This week he is shooting at Sungai Udang area like at the Sungai Udang New prison facilities where he played as a bad guy with good intention like Bourne Identity he said. I don’t watch Don 1 so I don’t know how’s the story begin.

Everyone ask where Shahrukh check in, no one knows where he live while in Melaka. Only some key person know the secret place..

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Shaman & ancestral medicine attraction

Chinese Shaman, pic from subangdailyphoto.

Although in Malaysia, we are spearheading to be a develop country by the year of 2020, still got people that practice shaman. If you visit Malaysia, shaman can be practice at all race. We got Malay Shaman, Chinese Shaman, Indian Shaman. In northern part of Malaysia, Siamese Shaman are very popular.

Now we can even find Shaman doing the ritual not only in remote village but in major city by promoting their service in the tabloid newspaper or website.

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PIKOM PC Fair 2011 @ MITC

The fair that have been awaited by everyone is back. PIKOM PC Fair Melaka will be held at Melaka International Trade Center from 25-27 February 2011.

You should checkout the Androids device this year as many of travel and tourism website have android applications for you to get promotion updates, news or event booking. Further more droids have many free application too.

Device like Samsung Galaxy Tab already like celebrity. Ipad? Naah….

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Group discount on Groupsmore

Just print the coupon….

Everyone aware that buying large item will get a bit of discount. Registering with a group of people will also get a discount. It’s a collective buying power if you want to refer back your old business text book.

What about groupon? I heard that many happy groupon customer around the globe. This happy groupon customer are log on to their email everyday to receive important email from groupon that is – discount and many more discount of their favorite places.

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high spender

Higher-spending visitors or Budget?

Sometimes focus on budget package can help…

Are the economy already recovering? I seriously can’t tell as we live in a peaceful condition and earn monthly wages. I also seldom read the economic news.. do you read that stuff?

But I guess, if you have a fix income, you still can plan for your holiday within the budget without the effect of world economy. Maybe if the the economy is at full recovery the business will be profiting thus government can get more tax. As a result we got more bonuses from the boss. So yes, we can be more luxurious on spending on holiday or travel.

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sapporo snow festival japan

Travel to exotic world festivals

Sapporo Snow Festival more pic from Sasakei here.

Every nation have their very own festivals, like here in Malaysia we are bless with all kind of festivals in the whole year. The result of multi-racial and religious community that already blend with each other. From Eidul Fitri to Chinese New Year and Deepvali, all considered a National Holiday and we celebrate it together.

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