Save your life with..

Atleast we have the basic one for kid… A life Jackets… Why? because

What’s up in February..

Ups! It’s already at the end of February 1st week and we will

Valentine Love Theme

This is among affordable dinner at hotel for Valentine’s day. Suitable if you

Is not to late to say…

Happy Chinese New Year.. To our YB Datuk Melaka tourism boss… Gong Xi

Valentine’s Day on the Cruise

If you can’t afford Venice, you can always come down here to Melaka and Naza Talyya got a package for love bird young or old. It’s a romantic dinner on

Experience Little Nation in Malaysia

What special about Malaysia is we can experience culture of other nation that already become the root of multi cultural Malaysia. And it’s blend well into the people of Malaysia.

Malaysia Garden Tour

A botanical garden in Melaka… “We talk about Malaysia’s food, shopping and hotels but not its gardens,” Says who? Says Dr Ng Yen Yen, Tourism Minister that love gardening. You