floral parade

Night Floral Parade at Putrajaya

Looks like Putrajaya, among promising new tourist attraction in Malaysia will host another floral parade this year. This event is also call Putrajaya Floria, in conjunction of it, they will have a Floral Parade with decorative boat of fresh flowers along the Putrajaya Lake.

The date is from 9-17 July 2011. Putrajaya will be transform into a garden of thousand flowers. More info on Putrajaya Web here and Ministry of Tourism Here.

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royal selangor pewter

Authentic Tourist Attraction

Royal Selangor Pewter

What is your favorite brands? Is it available here?

Thanks to the global trade economy, you can get any brands from the rest of the world here.

An authentic products for certain country can actually help to boost future tourist attraction indirectly.

Example like the luxury watch that printed Swiss Made at the watch face. For many of us, the price of the watch is not logical. Some almost half a million. You can find it at boutique in KLCC , Starhill or Pavillion.

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special offer

Malaysia deal, 50% off….

And some of the package at this merchant selling at 96% off. A discount that you cannot get if going directly to the boutique but you can get it at the site call mydeal.

So how it work? Like the groupon, the deal will happen if certain volume achieve. For example an antioxidant treatment at Ecoparadise price at RM120, you can get for RM30 only. That is 75% save.

Mydeal now only support Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and Singapore.

You must purchase first, wait until the certain amount of buyers is reach, than you get the email for the ‘Deals is On’.

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the new mas

Travel fair at Malaysia Airlines

For those who want to cut the budget short but still don’t want to go on a bus or hitch a ride on a fisherman boat, check out Malaysia Airlines Travel fair now. Period of booking from 21 – 28 Feb 2011.

Imagine tickets to Sandakan Sabah is from RM129.00. Tickets to Perth Australia is from RM739..You think its cheap? Yes? No? So..So?

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malaysia golf

More golf course in Malaysia

Consider soccer is a famous sport in Malaysia, but we have more golf course than a football stadium here. Even for a small state like Melaka have 4 golf course. Hmmm I wonder why they don’t call it a golf field…

You can count how many of your friends have a golf club,a golf ball or a golf membership. Almost every home got a soccer ball, at least the rubber version for kids.

Still, many of the resort homes choose to be build with golf course not soccer field. This define golf Industries are to target higher spending visitors for now.

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Bangkok Nite in Melaka

When you heard about ‘Bangkok Nite’, what do you think first – The beautiful Siam lady or the tasty Tom Yum ?

Bangkok Nite in Melaka will have both. The event will happen at Kings & I Thai restaurant at Kings Hotel Melaka. Date 4 March 2011 or 5th March 2011.

The activities will be Authentic Buffet Dinner & Traditional Thai Cultural show at the restaurant. Modern live entertainment and dance at Kings Hotel Hall.


Kings Hotel Ayer Keroh
No. 30, Lebuh Ayer Keroh,
75450 Melaka,
Tel : (606) 231 3899 (ext. 0 / 1)
Fax : (606) 231 3803

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