On the boat heading to the Island

Trip to Pulau Upeh and and Pulau Undan

Actually at Melaka coast there are many Island. But the Island are small and not inhabited. Maybe only Pulau Besar got some people work there for the Hotel and Musuem, still don’t have permanent residents. Recently we visit some of the Island like Pulau Undan and Pulau Upeh. Maybe the State Government plan to develop the Island as a tourist atraction.

If you want to visit the Island, there are some Island hoping package like from the Explorer or Water Taxi from Melaka River Cruise. Also local fisherman can bring you there for a fishing trip.

Pulau Undan:

Pulau Undan got a lighthouse to help the safety of the ships traveling along the straits. The lighthouse was built around 1880s. Got workers there on a shift. Mango trees grows naturally here and the mangoes are really good.

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Malaysia the Flea Market Paradise

Today, shopping complex with mega size buildings are booming. Whenever a new shopping complex being built, it will eat very extensive space, with a wide car park and all you can find in one building like food court, children play ground, boutique, pharmacy, cinema etc.

But Pasar Malam or flea market still in peoples heart here. Malaysia is popular with the flea market. We can find a flea market at every district and every district also got many other flea market depending on the density of the residential area. Every flea market got one organizer that is usually residents association and approved by municipal council.

But if translate the word pasar malam is not exactly flea market, it’s night market. This is because pasar malam start in the evening to until 9 to 10 pm. But special pasar malam open during month of Ramadhan can open until late at night. Not like some flea market in Europe that sell household goods,antiques ,old clothes, glass and silver. Malaysia pasar malam more focus on foods, drinks, new clothes, cheap accessories and imitation items.

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tourist rank

12.5 million tourists arrival until June

Although Malaysia was hit by haze recently and news papers reports of increase shooting incidents, tourist arrival is up 7.9 per cent than last year. The ministry said that we are on track to achieve targeted figure of 26.8 million tourist arrivals this year.

Read about EO return ‘out of the question’, says minister here.

tourist rank

Malaysia is still on the top 10 rank

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event hub

Malaysia Major Events in 2013

event hub

Malaysia expect to be a major events hub in the region. MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions / events) prove to be lucrative in term of business and tourism. International events that successfully host in Malaysia automatically can promote Malaysia and drive business related to tourism like accommodation, exhibition center rental and transportation.

Malaysia Major Events that are happening this month are Viper Challenge (17th-18th Aug) followed by the local music euphoria of Good Vibes Festival (17th), international music act by Linkin Park (19th), Metallica (21st) and George Benson (28th).

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Malaysian won Mrs Universe 2013


Infact she is first Asian to win the international pageant. But wait, at first I look at all the contestant in the Internet, why all the beauties look a bit matured and old? Ahhah read back the title ‘Mrs Universe’ not ‘Miss Universe’. So basically Mrs Universe must be a wife and a mama..

Read in the news below..


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mas discount

MAS giving discounts up to 50%

This is the trick now, you got to make up your mind fast until this 25 August and the trip will be between Aug 19 and May 31 next year.

From the news:

MAS offers discounts of up to 50% from now until Aug 25

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines is offering discounts of up to 50% off domestic flights for those travelling between Aug 19 and May 31 next year. Customers will be able to book for these fares from now until Aug 25 this year.

MAS regional senior vice-president Muzammil Mohamad said the promotion was an extension of the 40th Anniversary giveaways by MAS.

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