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Cheap flight to Singapore

Ok… I’m living in a country that everyone can fly. But if I want to go to the neighboring country Singapore, do I have another option for a budget flight?.

Well, although they are Lion, they also have Tiger too. Looks like this tiger can be your second review to suit your budget if you think for a cheap flight to Singapore or Perth. Look at this:

-Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 10 March with Tiger Airways:

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Don’t go to coffeeshop for coffee

Source from about.com..

Because in Amsterdam coffeeshop is a licensed seller of cannabis products. Which means it is not served coffee at all. Cannabis is narcotics or drug. Only Amsterdam approved it for recreational used.

Instead, if you want to have a cup of latte in Amsterdam, you need to go to a koffiehuis or coffee house.

For as simple as a coffee,it prove that readings is important before going places like Amsterdam.

So in Malaysia, an authentic Malaysia’s coffee shop don’t look like this:

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Book a flight using facebook

Looks like facebook is for all. Back then you can’t imagine you mom or your old boss will sign up for myspace. Myspace things is only for teenagers.

On the other hand, facebook, although not the early player in social networking site, facebook already like a de facto or a standard if you have a computer, a tablet or a laptop. Apart from microsoft office software, you also must have a facebook.

So all kind of people sign up for facebook account or pages. Forget the teens because they certainly like to wasting time on the Internet. Now we got religious group, an Egyptian revolutionist, the moms group, teachers, the Prime Minister also use facebook.

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hot air ballon

Hot balloon not always round at Putrajaya..

Hot air balloon is round or oblong?

Ok, Putrajaya is a good place for event these days. Good landscape, many wide free land area. Minimal traffic jam and all modern facilities you can thinks off.

This March, Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon 2011 fiesta will be happen at Putrajaya. From 17 to 20. They say this year the 2011 hot air balloon fiesta will have 28 hot air balloons from 15 participating countries.

The exact spot will be at Precint 2, Monumen Alaf Baru Putrajaya.

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sentosa hotel melaka

Sentosa Hotel Melaka

Old Building but new management and new look.

This is a budget hotel at the heart of Melaka town area. Step outside and you can use the AMJ Highway to go north of Melaka or south of Melaka.

Single Person-Single Bed from RM65 nett on weekdays and RM75 nett on weekends. Free wifi on hotel public areas. Got family room too. Now they got Early Booker Privilege. From March 1st to April 30th 2011, If you reserve room with Melaka Hotel Sentosa on line, you can enjoy the following attractive benefits:

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