Hot balloon not always round at Putrajaya..

Hot air balloon is round or oblong? Ok, Putrajaya is a good place

Tourist warning

Tourist..mind your language! This will remind you that you are not it your

Searching for wellness and spa

Biossentials Puri Spa at Hotel Puri.. Rumah Tanjung SPA at Philea Resort Melaka…

Sentosa Hotel Melaka

Old Building but new management and new look. This is a budget hotel

Night Floral Parade at Putrajaya

Looks like Putrajaya, among promising new tourist attraction in Malaysia will host another floral parade this year. This event is also call Putrajaya Floria, in conjunction of it, they will

Authentic Tourist Attraction

Royal Selangor Pewter… What is your favorite brands? Is it available here? Thanks to the global trade economy, you can get any brands from the rest of the world here.

Malaysia deal, 50% off….

And some of the package at this merchant selling at 96% off. A discount that you cannot get if going directly to the boutique but you can get it at