Islamic and Chinese artifacts at Bastion house

PERZIM / Melaka Museum Corporation is having Islamic & Chinese Exhibition until 15 June 2011. Although just a small scale exhibition, the exhibits are a very rare items dated from Shang Dynasty (1700bc). It’s a real artifacts, not a replica.

This are some of the collection:

Please visit the exhibition at Bastion House, Jalan Kota Melaka. Just next to the A Famosa Fortress. Time from 9.00am to 6.00pm. There will be entrance fee at RM12 for adult.

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Malaysian Race, Rally and the GT Girls…

Generally, guys prefer the F1 Grand Prix or Super GT here. The great cars like Ferrari , Renault, Lexus, Nissan GTR and Sexy GT Girls makes the guys adrenalin pumping. Especially the Autobacs Super GT, the Japan GT Girls picture will be at the main page with the racing cars itself. Like the Girls are include in the GT regulations.

And men thinks they look manlier with the super cars and sexy racing girls with an umbrella. Can it work vice versa do you think?

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Only in Borneo – an amphibious monkey…

What is it? An Orang Utan? No. It’s a Dutch Monkey. Although it’s not Dutch origin, the Indonesian thinks the monkey look like a dutchmen. With long nose and a large belly.

Yes, this Monkey can actually swim from land to an Island because its amphibious. The proboscis monkey along with orang utan are Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This monkeys are protected here.

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pulau rawa

Isolate yourself in Malaysia

Pulau Rawa pic at MalaysiaTravel

Yes, Malaysia is a good place to be when you want to go to far and secluded place, yet fascinating and still you can be traced. The word still can be found will make a person like Ben Laden don’t want to choose this county for hiding.

We have range of hills and mountain in Peninsular Malaysia that are accessible by the main highway like along the Titiwangsa, a main mountain range that forms the backbone of the Malaysia Peninsula. The famous access are from Cameron Highland, Genting Highland or Fraser Hills.

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Your Women’s Day Activities…

Kakiseni.com Women : 100 in conjunction with 100th celebration of International Women’s Day 2011.

Some women really aware about International Women day and participate in the activities dedicated to it. Usually we don’t get a gift for women day like mom day. Women day usually for Non Gov. Org. making campaign.

There are also women don’t really realize about 8 March 2011. It’s not very appealing for them. Everyday is the same day huh? Except if the Shopping complex doing Crazy Sales 90% discount on Women day.

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Photo 1 - Pavilion Room

Family Gateway Package this March

Pavilion Room features individual verandas in its lower rooms while upper floor rooms include private balconies with tranquil views of the resort’s landscaped gardens. Guest can choose either the lower or upper floor rooms.

There are some nice hotel package you can consider if visiting Melaka this March. Among them is at Philea Resort and Spa.


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A 5 Star Longhouse stay

A longhouse is traditional buildings in the State of Sarawak for tribes like Iban,bidayuh or dayak. These are among native tribe in Sarawak. Usually their longhouse are deep in the jungle and only accessible by boat or 4X4.

A trip to one of the Sarawak longhouse or Rumah Panjang will be a good cultural education because you will learn their way of life in the middle of the jungle with close community (within the longhouse). Their welcome dance, how useful the river for them, traditional craft and their proud story of warrior ancestor.

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