Cheap flight to Singapore

Ok… I’m living in a country that everyone can fly. But if I

Don’t go to coffeeshop for coffee

Source from Because in Amsterdam coffeeshop is a licensed seller of cannabis

Book a flight using facebook

Looks like facebook is for all. Back then you can’t imagine you mom

Hot balloon not always round at Putrajaya..

Hot air balloon is round or oblong? Ok, Putrajaya is a good place

Tourist warning

Tourist..mind your language! This will remind you that you are not it your neighborhood and such action will cause unexpected circumstances… More clear picture at Warning to tourist! — asmaliana

Searching for wellness and spa

Biossentials Puri Spa at Hotel Puri.. Rumah Tanjung SPA at Philea Resort Melaka… — asmaliana

Sentosa Hotel Melaka

Old Building but new management and new look. This is a budget hotel at the heart of Melaka town area. Step outside and you can use the AMJ Highway to