Photo 1 - Pavilion Room

Family Gateway Package this March

Pavilion Room features individual verandas in its lower rooms while upper floor rooms include private balconies with tranquil views of the resort’s landscaped gardens. Guest can choose either the lower or upper floor rooms.

There are some nice hotel package you can consider if visiting Melaka this March. Among them is at Philea Resort and Spa.


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A 5 Star Longhouse stay

A longhouse is traditional buildings in the State of Sarawak for tribes like Iban,bidayuh or dayak. These are among native tribe in Sarawak. Usually their longhouse are deep in the jungle and only accessible by boat or 4X4.

A trip to one of the Sarawak longhouse or Rumah Panjang will be a good cultural education because you will learn their way of life in the middle of the jungle with close community (within the longhouse). Their welcome dance, how useful the river for them, traditional craft and their proud story of warrior ancestor.

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raptor watch 2011

Raptors are back for 2011

The volunteers recorded about 73000 raptors. More bird than people who like to watch it. Although there are birds anywhere, especially at town area in dusk time where it will attack your vehicle heavily with the natural bomb.

So don’t forget next week on 12th and 13th. Bring your binocular and witness thousands of eagles, hawks and buzzards. Stopping by on the way to Siberia, China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, India and Indochina. Showing the winter has come to an end.

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Doing good deeds abroad..

Last Eid Adha, I decided to make a qurban or sacrifice part of a livestock. I did it with an agent that make the sacrifice in Veal Toch Village, Cambodia. More info about the Agent EzQurban here.

Eid Adha is among main practice of Muslim around the world. More info about Eid Al-Adha in English here, some fact about Zam-Zam well here.

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asian food review

Don’t just eat, take a note…you might win hotel stays

Where do you breakfast this morning? Mamak Stall in front of your office. Well, if it around Asia, you can enter the Asian food review contest.

Ever heard of koolred? I also just know about it. Setup by AirAsia as a travel social network focus on Asia. Today is 6 Mac 2011, at koolred they have a contest that ends on 22 March 2011. Contest title “Write a Food Review and win fantastic hotel stays!”

The task is simple, you eat anywhere in Asia, with the prerequisite is must be Asian Cuisine. You know Asian Cuisine, not Steak..pasta, pizza etc..

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tiger airways

Cheap flight to Singapore

Ok… I’m living in a country that everyone can fly. But if I want to go to the neighboring country Singapore, do I have another option for a budget flight?.

Well, although they are Lion, they also have Tiger too. Looks like this tiger can be your second review to suit your budget if you think for a cheap flight to Singapore or Perth. Look at this:

-Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 10 March with Tiger Airways:

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Don’t go to coffeeshop for coffee

Source from

Because in Amsterdam coffeeshop is a licensed seller of cannabis products. Which means it is not served coffee at all. Cannabis is narcotics or drug. Only Amsterdam approved it for recreational used.

Instead, if you want to have a cup of latte in Amsterdam, you need to go to a koffiehuis or coffee house.

For as simple as a coffee,it prove that readings is important before going places like Amsterdam.

So in Malaysia, an authentic Malaysia’s coffee shop don’t look like this:

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