buffalo milk

Malaysian Mozarella – Molto deliziosa!

Do you think cheese is made from cow milk? Cheese also can be made from a buffalo milk. Do you ever seen a buffalo? It is not a cow but with similar physical look. Still, it is from a different species.

Cow is more commercially used whether the meat or milk. We also can find a cow everywhere in inland road or rural area around Malaysia. But where are the buffalo?. I don’t really know if any Malaysian breeding cow commercially. Long time ago, buffalo were used in paddy field.

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— asmaliana


Travel during Equinox

The Spring Equinox…

Today is the equinox. Or in some place they say yesterday. Malaysia is at the equator so during equinox we will got 12 hour day and 12 hour night. Or if not the period of day and night is closest to being equal.

I just know about the equinox from a TV program yesterday. Equinox is a nature or planet happening that occur every year. The equinox doesn’t bring any catastrophic event to the earth such as Tsunami or storm.

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— asmaliana

fun at the beach

Going to the sea or swimming pool?

Remember when we were small? A regular trip to the beach were something we waiting for during weekends. But now, our children are asking to go to the nearest swimming pool or theme park.

I find that not only the children, adults also prefer bringing their kids to the theme park nowadays. They think that it is a lot safer than sea water. Judging from the sea water physical look e.g the brown color. Furthermore it is salty and it will make your eyes sore. No match for the public swimming pool crystal clear and blue water.

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— asmaliana


Saving the earth on Saturday….

When you shop at major Shopping Malls around Malaysia on Saturday, you better bring you own bag because the cashier refuse to put all you goods into a plastic bag.

‘This is Saturday Miss, don’t your read the notice’

Oh, it’s a no plastic bags day on Saturday…Or you can buy their woven bag if you want. The shop owner can always use the bio-degradable bag to also support this environmental saving movement. I saw Mydin already use the ‘Oxo-Biodegradble’ Bag. Reuse it as a bin liner to make it more useful.

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— asmaliana

save your social energy

Saving your social energy?

Off travel and tourism topics a little bit. There are some opinion that Internet users now are not so smart and efficient. They tend to waste more time on unwanted things before starting to work with the real things.

This movement creator is from Microsoft and they have this question for you:

-How many meaningful relationships can you maintain? -How many emails can you actually read in a day?- How many social networks are you on? How many should you really be on? -Are we spending too much time social networking? If so, they say that you need to start saving our social energy.

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— asmaliana

the datai

The most expensive hotel here

The Datai Langkawi..

What is the most expensive hotel in Malaysia. Actually I think we don’t talk much of the ‘most’ expensive hotel in Malaysia. The price are according to the star rating. Hotel price here are considered best and acceptable. Sometimes the 5 star hotel also can give the best rate on promotion period.

We can say The Datai Langkawi is among the expensive in Malaysia. The deluxe room rates are from RM800. They have end suite that cost around RM2800.00. So it goes about USD250 to USD875.

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— asmaliana

travel remedy

Quick travel remedy

You never knows what will happen while on the trip. In most cases, problems that related with food. Food poisoning while going places is tough. Diarrhea, headache and feel like feverish symptom.

I usually don’t go to the clinic if I think I can withstand it by swallowing paracetamol, ultra carbon and drinking oral rehydration salts. But if you still must go to the clinic, this quick remedy can buy you some time…

— asmaliana

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