Malaysian Mozarella – Molto deliziosa!

Do you think cheese is made from cow milk? Cheese also can be

Travel during Equinox

The Spring Equinox… Today is the equinox. Or in some place they say

Going to the sea or swimming pool?

Remember when we were small? A regular trip to the beach were something

Saving the earth on Saturday….

When you shop at major Shopping Malls around Malaysia on Saturday, you better

Saving your social energy?

Off travel and tourism topics a little bit. There are some opinion that Internet users now are not so smart and efficient. They tend to waste more time on unwanted

The most expensive hotel here

The Datai Langkawi.. What is the most expensive hotel in Malaysia. Actually I think we don’t talk much of the ‘most’ expensive hotel in Malaysia. The price are according to

Quick travel remedy

You never knows what will happen while on the trip. In most cases, problems that related with food. Food poisoning while going places is tough. Diarrhea, headache and feel like