Saving your social energy?

Off travel and tourism topics a little bit. There are some opinion that

The most expensive hotel here

The Datai Langkawi.. What is the most expensive hotel in Malaysia. Actually I

Quick travel remedy

You never knows what will happen while on the trip. In most cases,

How’s the weather?

The weather here is unpredictable as Malaysia only have 2 type of season

You can help the earthquake victim too

Japan earthquake victim queue for water. Pic from We a bless to be born in the country that far from the pacific ring of fire. Now everyone know that

Confident about world longest sea bridge..

Strait of Melaka horizon from the Melaka Strait Mosque..pic from aminnorazmi. Yesterday Melaka Chief Minister said that Melaka State Government are confident about the proposed bridge. If becoming reality ,

What differences between Belgium and Poland?..

Among the differences is the iron design. This apply to the antique design base on their country name. Belgium got Brussels Iron and Poland got the Poznan Iron. I saw